SOLIDWORKS Manage 2022


With SOLIDWORKS Manage 2022 you can share Bill of Material (BOM) data with external users in an efficient and controlled web link to easily get feedback. Integration with Microsoft Office lets you work more effectively with the most common non-CAD documents. New integration with the SOLIDWORKS Task Pane means you can do more directly in CAD.

SOLIDWORKS Manage 2022 Highlights

SOLIDWORKS® Manage is an advanced data management system that extends the global file management and application integrations enabled by SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. SOLIDWORKS Manage is the key element in providing Distributed Data Management.

  • Bill of Material (BOM) Enhancements: Share BOM data with external users in an efficient and controlled manner and easily get their feedback.
    • Share BOM data via web link with users who may not have direct access to the system and get feedback via editable fields.
    • Create and save BOM Filters to display only necessary information.
  • Microsoft Office Integrations: Work more effectively with common non-CAD document types.
    • Easily add connected fields, check out, check in, and create new documents with new integrations using Microsoft® Excel, Word, and PowerPoint applications.
  • SOLIDWORKS Integration: Streamline working with files in SOLIDWORKS without leaving the SOLIDWORKS user interface:
    • View and edit tasks associated with SOLIDWORKS files directly in the Task Pane add-in.
    • Add comments to selected files and show icons for files that have tasks and comments.
    • View additional information in the property card in SOLIDWORKS on the Related files, Configurations, Task, and Comment tabs.
  • Task Enhancements: Increase productivity and save time when managing tasks
    • Set completed tasks to “Uncompleted” so they can be edited.
    • Use the new global setting for creating tasks as public, private, or user’s choice
  • Web Links: Quickly access system information via a browser on any device.
    • Automatically create URL addresses as system fields, and include them in notifications, dashboards, and reports providing quick access to relevant information.
  • Create Record Process Output: The Create Record process outputs have improved with new record attachments and subfolder locations.
  • Recent Files: When you add new file data, you can choose from a list of recently accessed files in Windows. This is a convenient way to add data by not having to browse to recent locations.
  • Object Structure Editor: For ease of use when administrators work with object structures, you can access the Administration (Structures) dialog box directly from the user interface.
  • Record Hyperlinks: You can copy a hyperlink to a record that you can copy into a document or email, to provide quick access through the Plenary Web client. Right-click and click Tools > Copy Hyperlink.
  • User Interface: The SOLIDWORKS Manage user interface has many improvements that create consistency and a better user experience.
  • Avatar Images and Icons: To make users more recognizable in SOLIDWORKS Manage, you can add default avatar icons for users. Avatar images are displayed on the Users tab of the Administration tool.
  • Plenary Web Client: You can log in to the Plenary Web Client with a SOLIDWORKS PDM username and password. Previously you had to use a SOLIDWORKS Manage password, then separately log in to a SOLIDWORKS PDM object.
  • Check Out Rights for Affected Items: Process administrators have additional controls over who can check out affected items while they are in a process.
  • Replace User: You can select specific objects to replace users and specify the Change “Checked Out By” value for someone who is replacing the selected user.
  • Creating and Deleting Multiple Field Groups: You can create multiple field groups at once, by entering multiple lines or copying and pasting from a text-based file (such as .xlsx, .txt, or .csv). You can Shift + or Ctrl + select multiple field groups to delete them.
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM User-Defined References: There is expanded support for displaying SOLIDWORKS PDM user-defined references (Paste as Reference).
  • SOLIDWORKS Manage Performance Improvements: SOLIDWORKS Manage 2022 offers improved performance for enhancing the user experience.
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