SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2021


SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2021 enables you to define domain based material definitions. You can also use the new Sketch based baffle and bubblers, and you can now fully define your plastic injection studies, without the need create a mesh, significantly reducing the amount of time to create, modify and share this information. In addition, you can now set up over-molding injection studies and leverage 100s of new materials that have been added:

SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2021 enhancements include:

  • Redesigned PlasticsManager Tree. The PlasticsManager tree is redesigned to provide a more streamlined and logical workflow for creating plastics simulation studies. A new node, Injection Units, replaces Injection System. The injection unit specifies the material and process parameters. An injection process can have one or more injection units. For example, a Gas-assisted injection process uses two injection units, one for the polymer and another for the gas. Similarly, a two-shot overmolding process uses two injection units for two polymer materials.
  • Multi-Material Overmolding Injection Process. You can inject two to six different polymer materials within the same cycle.
  • Enhanced Modeling of Baffles and Bubblers. Modeling is improved for baffles and bubblers that are part of cooling system components.
  • Enhanced Modeling of Sketch-Based Runners. Two key enhancements to the sketch-based runner design are available in this release.
    • The enhanced algorithm for the runner design integrates SOLIDWORKS APIs to create realistic shapes of runner cross-sections and runner junctions from sketch lines.
    • Enhanced meshing algorithms apply tetrahedral elements at the core and prism elements at the boundary layer when you mesh runners. This element combination leads to better convergence and results. Previously, a single layer of prism elements was applied to the core, and the rest of the cross-section, including boundary layers, was meshed with hexahedral elements.
  • Delay Time Option for Co-Injection Processes. You can specify a delay time between injections of the first and second material for Co-injection, Gas-assist, and Water-assist processes.
  • A-B-A Sequence of a Co-Injection Process. You can simulate an A-B-A sequence of a Co-injection molding process. During an A-B-A sequence, first a skin material (polymer A) is injected followed by a core material (polymer B). Toward the end of the process, a small amount of the skin material is reinjected to ensure the complete encapsulation of the core material.
  • Access to Material Databases. You can access the Plastics, Coolant, and Metal material databases before creating a Plastics study.
  • Material Database Plots. There are several enhancements to the display of Viscosity and Pressure-Volume-Temperature (PVT) plots.
  • Material Library Updates. There are several updates to the Plastics Material Library.
  • New Plastics Tutorial.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2021 gives you insights into new injection molding processes for your designs as well as a continuing to simplify and streamline the set-up process.

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