Javelin brings together business leaders to discuss productivity challenges and solutions

Story by Karen Majerly on July 29, 2019

Using last month’s Global Petroleum Show as a backdrop, Javelin experts hosted a unique live event on the trade show floor, bringing together industry leaders for a panel discussion focused on the products, processes, and solutions they are using to meet common challenges.

The resulting valuable discussion and networking among both invited guests and passers by is in keeping with Javelin’s commitment to solving common productivity challenges for its customers. Designers, engineers, manufacturers, and senior leaders learned not only from Javelin’s representatives, but also from each other.

Topics included developing strategic partnerships, managing data and workflow, best practices for collaborating on designs, and unique approaches to skill building. The panel and audience discussed what’s here and what’s coming, particularly in additive manufacturing, IoT, cloud-based solutions, and the future of SOLIDWORKS.

Industry Leaders at SOLIDWORKS Productivity Experts Council

Panel of Experts

(from left)

Darryl Short – CEO of Karma Machining & Manufacturing – Edmonton, AB

Scott Lidgey – National Technical Solutions Manager at Javelin – Oakville, ON

Peter Kjellbotn – Mechanical Engineering & Simulation Specialist at InFocus Energy Services – Edmonton, AB

Vicky Guignard – Senior Application Specialist at Javelin – Calgary, AB

Greg Milan – Territory Sales Senior Manager, SOLIDWORKS – Denver, CO

Our facilitator was John Creelman, Sales Director – Western Canada

Here are some highlights of the discussion:

  • Challenges the group identified were common across the oil and gas sector. Preparing for increasing demand and managing data efficiently were popular concerns.
  • Participants discussed the need to incorporate design validation early in the design process and reduce the need for prototyping. Using optimization and topology studies can reduce material and shipping costs.
  • Many in the crowd were pleased and impressed that a senior member of the SOLIDWORKS Corporate team (Greg Milan, Area Sales Director for SOLIDWORKS) joined the panel to share the vision of the platform and successes of other companies using the tools to the fullest.
  • Hearing about the extent of the footprint and continual growth of Javelin’s products and services in the education sector was a pleasing eye opener for our own team. Javelin works with every major college and university in western Canada that teaches SOLIDWORKS in its engineering programs. The impact on industry is so positive – graduates are trained and ready to work.
  • We were also pleased to hear that Javelin is having an impact on engineering teams through our consulting and training services. Participants agreed on the importance of skill development to make their teams more efficient and to leverage their investment in software. We also discussed using training and development to pave a path of success for employees, who always appreciate an investment in their learning and careers.
  • There was much interest in the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. Eligible employers can get government funding to help employees access training opportunities.
  • The number of applications for additive manufacturing continues to grow. Our attendees said they are moving from using 3D printing only for prototyping to making tooling and end use parts, and some are already investigating metal 3D printing.
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