Streamline Sheet Metal Design and Manufacture

Using SOLIDWORKS you can dramatically reduce the time required to design and manufacture sheet metal parts and assemblies, helping you to get your products delivered on time and on budget.

Streamline the Design of Sheet Metal Parts and Assemblies

SOLIDWORKS delivers a powerful suite of tools that provides complete control over the design and manufacture of sheet metal parts and assemblies.

  • Starting with design, SOLIDWORKS powerful modelling tools enable you to quickly create complex sheet metal designs complete with a fully annotated and associative flat pattern. SOLIDWORKS also provides the ability to add all the manufacturing information directly to the model, eliminating the need to create traditional flat pattern drawings.
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM then takes over managing the entire Sheet Metal design-to-manufacture process. With an easy-to-use Windows Explorer interface, members of your design and manufacturing teams can easily find and view critical design information. The live preview in eDrawings provides a great way for stakeholders to review and collaborate on sheet metal designs complete with its flat pattern configuration without having to open it in SOLIDWORKS.
  • For CNC manufacturing, use SOLIDWORKS PDM’s out-of-the-box task to automate the creation of a flat pattern file straight from your SOLIDWORKS design. PDM tasks can be invoked manually or triggered via a workflow, a great way to save time and reduce the risk of mistakes.
  • When your design is ready for review, SOLIDWORKS PDM workflows can automate tracking of approvals, eliminating the need for manual sign-off procedures. Just follow the next workflow step defined for your project and SOLIDWORKS PDM will take care of notifying the right people, maintaining both accuracy and accountability.
  • For external partners and suppliers who need to collaborate on design projects, powerful Web connection capabilities enable browser-based secure vault access and editing, from anywhere on any device. Sheet Metal designs complete with their associative manufacturing information can be reviewed and checked right there on the shop floor.  Documents can be made either view only, or fully editable, and access to PDM workflows gives stakeholders the ability to change a documents status, providing decision-making on the go!


SOLIDWORKS® Product Data Management (PDM) products manage and synchronize your design data across your entire enterprise with a single, easily deployable solution tightly integrated with SOLIDWORKS 2019.

By leveraging a secure vault, you can extend the access to your 3D design environment and associated files, for all participants from engineering through manufacturing. This enables everyone involved in your projects to share information and collaborate on designs, while automatically protecting your intellectual property with the automated version and revision control systems.


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