SOLIDWORKS Value Upgrade Offers

Save 50% on SOLIDWORKS software costs when you switch to Term Licensing.

Move from a SOLIDWORKS Perpetual license to a Term license and you can save 50% on software costs for three years, and 25% thereafter.

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SOLIDWORKS Value Upgrade

Promotion Highlights

  • Available to any SOLIDWORKS perpetual license owner, you do not need to be a current subscription service customer.
  • Promotion applies to a variety of SOLIDWORKS products including CAD, Composer, Electrical, Inspection, MBD, Plastics, and Simulation.

What is Term Licensing?

Term Licensing is for individuals and companies that want access to SOLIDWORKS best-in-class design solutions with lower upfront costs compared to traditional perpetual licensing.

With a term license you can use SOLIDWORKS products with a quarterly subscription. A term license gives SOLIDWORKS users access to a variety of SOLIDWORKS applications with the same full version as a perpetual license — but with a flexible and affordable approach that’s easy on a software budget and easy to manage.


SOLIDWORKS Term Licenses are ideal for companies that need to maximize their cash flow, this could include the following:

  • Licenses are required for short term projects or for the specific phase of a project where specific software such as simulation is needed to validate a design.
  • Licenses are to meet staffing requirements such as contract staff or intern that require SOLIDWORKS for a short time period.
  • new division or project has been initiated and cash-flow is a concern.
  • start-up/new business requires SOLIDWORKS software at the minimum cost to get started.
  • Companies that need technical support and upgrades with their SOLIDWORKS license (Subscription Service is included with a term license)

SOLIDWORKS perpetual products that can be switched to term licensing

Term licenses are available for the following SOLIDWORKS perpetual licensed products (* NOTE: in some cases the upgrade will be to a 3DEXPERIENCE role):

  • SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software
    • SOLIDWORKS Standard
    • SOLIDWORKS Professional
    • SOLIDWORKS Premium
  • SOLIDWORKS Communication Tools
    • SOLIDWORKS Composer*
    • SOLIDWORKS Inspection
    • SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard or Professional
  • SOLIDWORKS CAM software
    • SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard
    • SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional
    • SOLIDWORKS Machinist Standard or Professional
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical software*
    • SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Standard
    • SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Professional
    • SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D
    • SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation software*
    • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard
    • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional
    • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium
  • SOLIDWORKS Plastics software
    • SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard
    • SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional
    • SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium
  • SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation software
    • SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
    • SOLIDWORKS HVAC Applications
    • SOLIDWORKS Electronic Cooling

SOLIDWORKS Term Licencing FAQs

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Why Subscribe With Javelin?

To enhance your current and future opportunities, it's paramount to maintain an up-to-date design and development environment that helps keep you competitive and improve your operational efficiency.

The Javelin SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service Program offers a smart, flexible way to protect your investment in the 3D design experience.

Manufacturing document control

Service Capabilities

Boost your design process and support your team with resources to help them work faster and smarter.

Support, upgrades, cloud services, certification - all designed exclusively for SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service program members. You can improve your performance and productivity with an intuitive 3D design experience for a competitive advantage.

Award winning Technical Support

Telephone, email and web support provided by our certified technicians. Includes remote desktop support service - support directly on your machine.

Software Upgrades & Service Packs

Download the latest version and upgrades plus early visibility (EV) access for testing purposes. Learn What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2024 »

SOLIDWORKS Cloud Services

All new SOLIDWORKS Desktop CAD licenses now include "Cloud Services" as part of the subscription. Providing secure data storage and sharing, versioning and revision management; easy design reviews with other CAD users and nontechnical team members, and a single hub to keep everyone on the same page.

SOLIDWORKS Certification Exams

Take a certification exam for FREE as part of your annual service.

SolidProfessor On-demand Video Training

An online, video-based training resource designed for engineers. SolidProfessor includes a SOLIDWORKS add-in, which provides quick, on-demand access to over 15,000 searchable tutorials, broken into 3-7-minute videos. Learn more about SolidProfessor »

New SOLIDWORKS Subscriber Benefits

Learn about the new Cloud Services available with Subscription Service

Subscription Service Benefits

Good reasons why you should subscribe with Javelin

NEW Cloud Services

NEW Cloud Services

Take advantage of 3D design sharing, markup, data storage, design review, and collaboration with SOLIDWORKS Subscription:

  • Share and Markup: Need to share your designs with colleagues, contractors or clients? Now you can do so from directly within SOLIDWORKS.
    • Whoever you're working with can then view the files from any browser, no download or installation required.
    • Better yet they can add markup and comments directly to the shared file, making it easy to keep track of collaboration history.
  • Store and Revise: Access secure cloud based storage from within the SOLIDWORKS interface with the new tools available as part of SOLIDWORKS Cloud Services.
    • This isn't just Dropbox or Google Drive either, the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is CAD intelligent so it can understand how files relate and provides tools so that you can easily share, revise and review your files.
    • Collaborating with other designers is also streamlined with the ability to lock files your working on, revert to previous revisions and provide feedback attached to files.
    • At any point you can upgrade to gain access to advanced process, project and file management, allowing for better control over your data and workflows.
  • Manage and Control: If your requirements grow more complex then it is easy to scale up with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.
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Legal Terms and Conditions:
  • Offer valid until February 28, 2025, in the U.S, Canada and Mexico only.
  • SOLIDWORKS standalone or SOLIDWORKS Network licenses can be upgraded to a SOLIDWORKS Term license.
  • 50% off list price of applicable SOLIDWORKS license for year 1-3 and 25% off for year 4+.
  • You do not have to purchase 3 years upfront to obtain the 50% off deal.
  • Educational and Research licenses do not qualify for this offer.
  • Anti-piracy and compliance cases do not qualify for this offer.
  • Other restrictions may apply. Contact us for more information.