Why Stereolithography is the most flexible 3D printing solution

Discover the Stratasys V650 Flex

The benefits of High Resolution Stereolithography/SLA Resin 3D Printing

With the Stratasys V650™ Flex Stereolithography 3D printer you will have game-changing advances in speed, accuracy and reliability to the established capabilities of Stereolithography.

Create smooth-surfaced prototypesmaster patternslarge concept models and investment casting patterns more quickly and more precisely than ever before.

The Stratasys V650 Flex offers the speed and precision of SL 3D printing in a large, open-source, configurable architecture. It’s built for production with a proven record of reliability to maximize productivity with unprecedented uptime.

User Applications

  • Prototyping
    • Form/fit testing
    • Functional testing
    • Concept modeling
  • Investment casting patterns and masters for tooling

Common Industries

  • Automobile
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Consumer goods/packaging

Why choose SLA?

Stereolithography (SL, SLA) is the original 3D printing process still widely used today for its accuracy and speed.

Fast build and delivery reduces the design, engineering and test phases of product development and allows you to get to market faster.

Whatever your requirements, the F123 Series delivers consistent, reliable performance.

Rapid Prototyping

Stratasys 3D printers rapid prototyping enable companies to get imperative feedback, revise, iterate, and bring better products to market faster than ever before.

Stereolithography 3D printing allows for low cost, quick-turn functional prototypes, allowing you to test parts early and frequently through iterative designs.

Investment Casting

Tool-less patterns made with 3D printing open opportunities to increase foundry business by making investment casting more viable for customers.

An alternative to wax and wood, patterns made with Stereolithography technology significantly reduce lead times and eliminate high tooling costs. The Stratasys print method results in patterns 25% lighter than conventional patterns, translating to proportionately less ash and minimized CTE forces during flash firing.

Why buy a Stratasys 3D Printer

Learn about the key advantages of an in-house 3D printer

Stratasys V650 Flex SLA 3D printer

The six key advantages buying 3D printer offers discussed in this white paper:

  1. Lower costs
  2. Accelerated time to market
  3. Competitive advantage
  4. Fewer manufacturing errors
  5. Greater confidentiality
  6. Improved model accuracy and quality

Download this White Paper to read about these six business advantages of owning an in-house 3D printer.