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Case Study

Learn how designers and manufacturers aim high with 3D technology

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Contact lens design

Visualizing the path to innovation in contact lens design with SOLIDWORKS

By standardizing on the SOLIDWORKS 3D design platform, Bausch & Lomb engineers have positioned themselves to achieve innovative breakthroughs in lens performance and wearer comfort.

Low volume production with 3D printing

Overcoming Low Volume Production Barriers with FDM Additive Manufacturing

Using a Stratasys Fortus 450mc 3D Printer, Pack Line Ltd., are able to run low volume production of replacement parts for their machines faster and at a reduced cost compared to traditional CNC manufacturing.

Rimac electric hyper car

Advancing High-Performance Electric Vehicle Design with SOLIDWORKS

Using SOLIDWORKS design and simulation tools, Rimac Automobili accelerated development of the Rimac Concept One, the world’s first electric hyper car.

3D printed heart for surgical planning

3D Printed Heart Model Helps Plan Complex Surgeries

3D printing is transforming surgical planning and enabling the delivery of personalized medicine to infants with complex congenital heart disease (CHD).

Fluid handling equipment

Accelerating Air and Fluid handling equipment development with SOLIDWORKS

Brownlee-Morrow moved to the SOLIDWORKS 3D product development platform to streamline development of its air and fluid handling equipment.

Coffee machine design

Speeding development of Coffee Machine Design with SOLIDWORKS

Using SOLIDWORKS design solutions, Coffee Day has realized dramatic productivity gains, resulting in shorter design cycles and reduced development costs for their machines.

Injection molding manufacturing

Improving Speed and Accuracy of Injection Molding with SOLIDWORKS Plastics

By adding SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium mold-filling simulation software to its SOLIDWORKS implementation, Plastic Components Inc., has minimized the number of mold iterations associated with each plastic injection molding manufacturing job, saving time and money in the process.

Marine animal tracking

3D Scanning with Artec Eva for state-of-the-art Marine Animal Tracking

Using the Artec Eva handheld 3D scanner for capturing marine animals to get accurate measurement data for the development and 3D printing of customized tags.

Metal fabrication

EM Dynamics are winning Metal Fabrication business with SOLIDWORKS

By adding SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional photo-realistic rendering software to its SOLIDWORKS design installation, EM Dynamics can more effectively communicate design concepts, such as the private lounge at the Toronto-based bespoke custom-tailored clothier King & Bay, helping EM Dynamics capitalize on new business opportunities.

Outdoor furniture design solidworks

Modern, attractive outdoor furniture design with SOLIDWORKS solutions

Learn how the implementation of integrated SOLIDWORKS solutions has helped Landscape Forms achieve its ambitious new outdoor furniture and landscape design goals.

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