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Marine fishing design

Making a perfect cast with the Power-Pole using SOLIDWORKS

With SOLIDWORKS design, analysis, product data management, and technical communications solutions, JL Marine Systems has taken development of the Power-Pole shallow water anchor to a whole new level.

Syqe Medical drug delivery system

Creating an advanced drug delivery system at breathtaking speed

Syqe Medical are able to prototype and produce their drug delivery system devices using a Stratasys 3D printer. The Syqe inhaler includes 80% 3D printed parts.

Brooks running

Brooks running steps up design validation with 3D printing

After purchasing a Stratasys Connex3 3D printer design validation and product development takes a huge step forward for Brooks Running

ioSafe hard drive design

Fireproof, waterproof hard drive designed with SOLIDWORKS software

ioSafe leveraged SOLIDWORKS design, simulation, and fluid-flow analysis tools to solve the technical and business challenges associated with developing a disaster-proof data storage device.

LED Development

Lighting the way to faster, lower-cost Aerial LED development with SOLIDWORKS

AeroLEDs leverages integrated SOLIDWORKS mechanical and PCB design solutions to support its rapid growth in the development of landing and navigational LED-based lighting systems.

Peltor form fit function testing

Peltor uses an Objet 3D Printer for Form, Fit and Function Testing

Peltor uses the Objet30 Pro 3D Printer to produce accurate, attractive prototypes to validate the form, fit and function of their products prior to production.