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Case Study

Learn how designers and manufacturers aim high with 3D technology

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Measuring a part for PMI

Presenting production manufacturing information in 3D digital format cuts time and errors

Veco B.V., a global leader in the micro-fabrication of high-precision metal parts, added SOLIDWORKS® Model-Based Definition (MBD) software to its SOLIDWORKS Professional design installation to organize and present production manufacturing information (PMI) and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) information in 3D digital format, cutting time and errors in the process.

Composite molding 3D printer

Composite Molding reinvented with FDM Additive Manufacturing

Learn how IDEC used 3D printing to increase its competitiveness by reducing the time, cost and material waste of traditional composite molding.

Furniture accessory design

Bringing Furniture Accessory Products to Market Faster with SOLIDWORKS

Samet leveraged SOLIDWORKS software to shorten time-to-market and support the continuing growth of their furniture accessory product design business.

F1 car 3d model

Creating a precise model of an F1 Car with an Artec 3D Scanner

Tool manufacturer needed to make a scale 3D replica of their F1 car so it could be 3D printed at a size of approximately 300 mm.


3D printing intricate miniature model homes for hermit crabs in TV ads

Learn how Stratasys PolyJet technology was used to 3D print miniature model houses with ultimate precision that could even make a hermit crab feel at home.

Industrial heater design

Advancing Industrial Heater and AC development with SOLIDWORKS

With SOLIDWORKS design, analysis, flow simulation, and inspection software solutions, Baltur has streamlined development of its industrial burners, resulting in shorter lead-times and fewer design errors.

Karcher polyjet prototype

Kärcher create Consumer Product Prototypes that Mimic the Final Part

Learn how polyJet technology speeds up product prototype production for Kärcher, a leading provider of cleaning technology worldwide.

3D scanning forensic methods

3D Scanning tested against Photography in a study on Forensic Methods

Researchers find that Artec Eva 3D scanner works smoother and faster than photography at a crime scene, providing critically important spatial data.

Electric motorcycle

Innovating better performing electric motorcycle with SOLIDWORKS software

Alta Motors relies on SOLIDWORKS design, analysis, flow simulation, and product data management solutions to innovate better-performing electric motorcycles featuring a smooth, perfectly responsive torque curve.


BattleBots® team builds combat robot parts with Desktop Metal 3D Printer

The saw-wielding, flame-throwing BattleBot uses Desktop Metal Studio System parts that can withstand the demanding environment of the battle arena and adhere to the competition’s strict build timeline. BattleBots® is a televised robot combat tournament that challenges teams of engineers from all over the world to design, build, and control a robot—demonstrating creativity, engineering skills, strategy,…

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