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Javelin Case Study

Javelin Canadian design and manufacturing customer case studies

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SOLIDWORKS Productivity Service for Large Assemblies

Reducing slowdowns when working with large assemblies in SOLIDWORKS increases productivity at Phil Mauer & Associates

The engineering team at Phil Mauer & Associates once suffered through slowdowns, until they got help from Javelin Technologies. Javelin’s specialists solved their problems and helped them increase their productivity when handling complex geometry by up to 5 times.

Christie Digital light engine mock-up

Christie Digital mixes 3D printing technologies to optimize products

3D printing is vital to Christie Digital’s product development approach, letting engineers complete numerous design iterations quickly and optimize their digital projectors and display products.

Trak Kayak 3D printed frame

Canadian Academia Partnering with Local Industry is a Recipe for Innovation

The increasing prevalence of 3D printing has been accompanied by increasing utilization of these technologies within the realm of Canadian Academia

Solaxis 3D Printed Tooling

Solaxis 3D print an Automotive Jig cutting weight and improving accuracy

With the help of Stratasys 3D printers, Solaxis designed and manufactured a jig for an automotive supplier, which uses it to assemble high-volume plastic door seals.

F-B Tool & Die Components

F-B Tool & Die design precision stamping dies with SOLIDWORKS

F-B Tool & Die Limited use SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Partner Products to offer a complete tooling service including design and build, tool manufacturing, precision machining and troubleshooting expertise.

Carrotwerx Architectural 3D Printing

Carrotwerx Creative Lights Up Architectural 3D Printing in B.C.

Carrotwerx Creative purchased a Stratasys 3D Printer in order to offer Architectural 3D Printing and design services to Canadian customers in a boutique-style operation. Their Objet30 Pro PolyJet 3D printer that combines high-end rapid prototyping features and multiple materials with the small footprint of a desktop 3D printer.

MacLean mining industry machine

MacLean experience faster turn around for their Mining Equipment with SOLIDWORKS

Canadian MacLean Engineering & Marketing Co. are a manufacturer of heavy equipment for the underground mining industry. After implementing SOLIDWORKS their product designs are 100% complete in 50% less time resulting in faster product turn around.

Nanometric seismological monitors design with SOLIDWORKS

Nanometrics design seismological event monitors with the help of SOLIDWORKS

Nanometrics is the world’s largest manufacturer and systems integrator of specialty instruments, software and data communications systems for seismological monitoring. Nanometrics real-time and portable systems are in use on every continent and in more than 200 countries by national government institutions, universities and test ban treaty monitoring organizations. Customers with mission-critical environmental and earthquake surveillance…

Rock Breaker construction industry

Breaker Technology uses SOLIDWORKS to help manufacture Rock Breakers

Breaker Technology use SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Simulation to help them manufacture and distribute a wide range of mine, quarry and demolition equipment for the construction industry.

David Crick CT Logics

Canadian SOLIDWORKS Support as important as software for CT Logics

CT Logics is a long-time customer of Javelin Technologies but they have experienced tech support services elsewhere. Today they choose Javelin because Javelin’s response time is faster and meets their needs.

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