Advanced Nesting for Design, Prototyping & Manufacturing Nested Parts Inside SOLIDWORKS

What is NESTINGWorks?

NESTINGWorks is a fully associative SOLIDWORKS Add-In to help designers and engineers get to manufactured products more quickly and optimize material usage.


With single dialog box ease-of-use coupled with advanced nesting capabilities, and low price point, it makes perfect sense to use for design-for-manufacturing (DFM) investigations, preparation for sheet goods prototyping and preparation for manufacturing.


Work out issues associated to efficient material usage early on in the design cycle.

Metal Cutting
  • True Shape Nesting

    Allows you to orient parts true to shape, and optimize how parts can fit on a shape. Many simple nesting tools just draw a box around a part and nest the box, wasting valuable material.

  • Part-in-Part Nesting

    Enables the ability to maximize material usage by fitting smaller parts in open areas and cutouts on larger parts of the same thickness.

  • Automatic layout of parts with varied thicknesses

    Many assemblies have parts of various thicknesses that need to be nested.  The software can sort the parts in an assembly and automatically group and nest parts of the same thickness.

  • User specified grain direction

    Sheet stock has directional material properties that are important in many designs.

  • Associativity to SOLIDWORKS

    As your design changes, any NESTINGWorks layouts will update in your SOLIDWORKS software

  • Compatibility with downstream manufacturing tools

    The SOLIDWORKS add-in creates 3D assemblies that can be used to communicate with any manufacturing application.
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NESTINGWorks Features

Efficient and Intelligent Design


NESTLib® true-shape 3D technology

NESTINGWorks software leverages the industry-leading NESTLib® true-shape 3D technology — known to nesting application developers worldwide as one of the fastest and most fully featured automatic true-shape nesting libraries available in the industry.

NESTINGWorks Sheetstock

Optimize Sheetstock

With NESTINGWorks, product designers can efficiently optimize sheetstock layouts — including specifications for grain direction — so they can produce the maximum number of parts from a single piece of raw material in a matter of minutes, saving time, while simultaneously minimizing material usage.

NESTINGWorks Applications

NESTINGWorks can be used for nesting composites, wood and metals; and can produce the maximum number of parts from any standard or custom sheet good.

Being fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS means that if your parts change the nested sheets will update as well.

Laser Cutting

Wood Cutting

Plastic Cutting


The fastest automatic true-shape library in the business

Streamline Design Cycle

Work out issues associated to efficient material usage with NESTINGWorks early on in the design cycle.

Save Time and Money

Cut down on the time it takes to do “What if Scenerios” with flat stock sheet usage, and can rapidly nest parts for prototype and manufacturing efforts, as well as save in material usage during manufacture.

Implement Immediately

Easily add to your existing SOLIDWORKS software and use the single dialog box to nest your designs.

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