A 3D Plant Design Add-in for SOLIDWORKS

What is PlantWorks?

PlantWorks is a fully integrated add-in to SOLIDWORKS that allows for rapid 3D layout generation from furniture layouts to full machine layouts in your facility for proposals, photo renderings, and fly-through animation.

Create your Plant design proposal

Using PlantWorks and SOLIDWORKS visualization tools you will be able to provide early visibility of your proposed plant solution.



With PlantWorks anyone can quickly and easily create their plant layout using drag and drop.

Plant Walk-through

Plant Design and Optimization

PlantWorks includes a standard component library which allows you to easily drag and drop plant components into your design. You can also create a custom library of components specific to your business. The PlantWorks library insertion process is intelligent so that only specified parameters are available when inserting library components thus making the plant creation process more automated for users.

PlantWorks also manages your library files and provides simple to use tools for quickly positioning components into your plant layout. With SOLIDWORKS® Collision Detection you can verify and test the design of your plant and optimize the layout.

Visualization and Communication

Review and communicate your plant concept design easily with SOLIDWORKS® visualization tools, create realistic camera views and 'walk-through' animations, then share your design with suppliers and customers using SOLIDWORKS eDrawings Professional®.


PlantWorks Features

Powerful and effective plant layout add-in for SOLIDWORKS

Designing and managing plant layouts is easy with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software and the PlantWorks add-in:

  • View and interpret layout drawings easily
  • Includes a standard component library
  • Perform collision detection tests
  • Ability to create custom libraries
  • Simulate a plant 'walk-through' with SOLIDWORKS MotionManager
  • Easily identify pipes and mezzanines
  • Fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS®
  • Create realistic renderings of your plant design with PhotoView 360 or SOLIDWORKS Visualize
  • Publishable to SOLIDWORKS eDrawings®
PlantWorks software

SOLIDWORKS Services included

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Javelin Support Team

Technical Support

With SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service, you have access to extensive help from our SOLIDWORKS experts. Which will enhance your software investment and guide you through development challenges.

  • Live Technical Support from our certified support team.
  • Remote Support to solve your technical issue right on your machine.
  • Regular Communication of software updates and technical tips and tricks.

Upgrades & Resources

Enjoy the latest version of your software and direct access to a comprehensive library of drawings, parts, assemblies, and features contributed by users around the globe.

  • Automatic Upgrades to the most Up-to-date Version of your SOLIDWORKS software.
  • FREE access to the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal for Macros, Documentation, and the ability to submit Enhancement Requests.
  • Full access to the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base for Articles, Tech Tips, and Best Practices.
SolidProfessor on-demand learning platform SOLIDWORKS Add-in

Online Training & Certification

A SolidProfessor and a MySolidWorks online account is included with your subscription service where you can get answers, stay current, and sharpen your design skills with online training:

  • SolidProfessor includes 15K+ online tutorial videos.
  • FREE access to SOLIDWORKS testing and certification to help you become a Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) or Professional (CSWP).

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