SOLIDWORKS Mechatronics Design

A complete suite of Design tools for Mechanical/Electrical Products

A Solution for Mechatronics

Smart electrical consumer and IoT products involve the marriage of many different systems, resulting in design and manufacturing challenges. Mechatronic designers need a capable solution to solve their challenges in order to meet the desires of today’s consumers and the needs of cutting-edge businesses.

Mechatronics Design Challenge

The main challenge is the number of disciplines brought to bear on the mechatronic product design process. Mechanical, electrical, electronic, and network design are all-too-often managed separately, and this siloed approach can hamper design and development from the outset. To streamline and simplify things, SOLIDWORKS offers a suite of software solutions that brings a greater level of connection and clarity to the process. Now teams can share data and ideas, quicker and easier than ever before.

Learn about SOLIDWORKS Mechatronics design in the video below:

SOLIDWORKS Mechatronics Capabilities

A complete Mechatronics Design Platform with SOLIDWORKS PDM to manage your design data

SOLIDWORKS Mechatronics Solutions

Design without the hassle

Creating a successful product like this robot requires coordination between mechanical, electrical, and software engineering more than products from less than a decade before.

SOLIDWORKS has an unrivaled set of integrated tools that work together so Canadian designers and engineers can spend time engineering and not waste time integrating sets of disparate tools from multiple vendors trying to cobble together a solution and in effect be their own systems integrator.

Benefits of a complete associative system

With the SOLIDWORKS platform your design information only needs to be input once and can then be used throughout the product development life cycle. Allowing you to communicate ideas and make fully associative changes without ever translating files, all managed by the SOLIDWORKS PDM system.

A change in mechanical or electrical engineering is immediately seen by the other department and the data can be used in downstream applications like Simulation, Documentation, and Manufacturing.

Mechatronics Design Applications

SOLIDWORKS is used for a variety of industries and products

Aerospace and defense Factory automation Industrial IoT (IIoT)
Commercial vehicles Connected devices Industry 4.0
Aircraft interiors Antonymous vehicles Smart farm
Automotive Appliances Toys Additive manufacturing (next generation)
Trucks and buses Consumer products Power grid technologies
Trains Industrial equipment Integrated infrastructure (BIM)
Heavy equipment Robotics Home automation
Spacecraft Medical devices Mechatronics/plastronics
Weapon systems Electric vehicles Kitchen appliances

SOLIDWORKS Mechatronics Systems

Design and Simulate your products in 3D

Routing Cables

3D Design & Data Management

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software gives mechatronic designers powerful, easy-to-use functionality that automates tasks, streamlines workflows, and helps you define and validate the form, fit, and function of your design.

SOLIDWORKS PDM is the collaborative backbone to enhance speed and clarity of communication between mechanical and engineering disciplines.

Electrical Close-up

ECAD Solutions

With SOLIDWORKS Electrical software enables faster design, improved information; and data sharing, and increased accuracy in the development of smart devices and other products requiring embedded electronics.

SOLIDWORKS PCB allows users to seamlessly and intelligently keep their mechatronic designs synchronized.

Flow in Electronic Enclosure

Simulation & CFD

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation augmented with the Electronic Cooling Module, perform complete thermal analysis, quickly and easily testing changes during design before any physical prototypes are built.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics software makes it easy for plastic parts and injection mold designers to predict and avoid manufacturing defects

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Tech Clarity White Paper

Tech Clarity White Paper

When you complete the form you will also receive our Tech Clarity 'Top Five Tips to Transform Product Design for Smarter Products' White Paper to learn the most important factors in transforming your product design for Mechatronics and the Internet of Things. For this paper, Tech Clarity surveyed best in class companies designing smart products.

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Ron Ryan, Fabrication Group Manager


Chris White Sunrise Energy

"SOLIDWORKS has definitely brought something different to the Solar Industry. Our U.S. counterparts use 2D, but they will be switching to 3D soon"

Chris White, Design & Technical Manager

Sunrise Power

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Peter Graham, Engineering Manager


Timm Williams, Carrotwerx

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Timm Williams, Partner


Aldo Balatti, Evolve Design Solutions

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Ray Minato, Inertia Engineering + Design

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Ray Minato, President

Inertia Engineering + Design

Darryl Turrie, MacLean Engineering

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Darryl Turrie, Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer

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