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What is SOLIDWORKS Sell?

SOLIDWORKS Sell provides cloud tools to create an amazing online retail experience for your customers. Tools from Do It Yourself (DIY) product configuration to Augmented Reality and 3D Printing can help transform your business and increase sales.

Improve your go to market strategy

SOLIDWORKS Sell enables you to dramatically improve the way you go to market with your products. Quickly take CAD designs and make them available to your internal teams to test, pitch or sell various configurations.

Additionally, plug into your website and create an amazing eCommerce experience for your customers.


SOLIDWORKS Sell creates a single unified customer experience where customers get to choose their specific options, providing an engaging eCommerce experience.

Cloud Solution

Leveraging the power of the cloud, we simplify both implementation and management. No need for specialized hardware or additional computing software for you or your end customers.

Simplify Buying Choices

Instead of hundreds of choices and decisions put the power of the product in your customer’s hands. Your customers will select the configurations and choices they want, personalizing products to their intent. Instead of being confused by too many choices, you allow your customers to make decisions in real time.

Be Social

As your customers create new personalized products, SOLIDWORKS Sell allows them to share their designs with others. You company benefits by providing your customers customized designs – by placing your brand logo on the high-resolution image. You benefit from customers sharing your brand and products on their social media connections.

Augmented Reality

We offer you the opportunity to place your product in the setting of your customer’s choice using Augmented Reality. This functionality allows users to customize glasses on their face while wearing them OR place a piece of furniture in their room.

Better Buying Experience

Every site has hundreds of images and difficult configuration tools. SOLIDWORKS Sell bring the power of these tools to the mass market by simplifying integration and implementation within your organization.

Available on any device

Your customers can use the device of their choice (laptop, tablet, mobile) to engage your products in a new and exciting way. Giving your customers choice and seeing their custom creations will produce customer loyalty.

Supports eCommerce Platforms

Whether you are looking at a complete website overhaul or a simple integration, SOLIDWORKS Sell has you covered. We integrate in using the latest web developer tools and shopping carts.

High Resolution On-demand Rendering

Have your customers create their unique offering and then create a high-resolution image OR create highly rendered images to show customers your best products. The choice is yours.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Created on the Fly

With all the possibilities this product creates for you, we take care of the BOM, so you can get the right product to the right customer each time–regardless of their choice.


SOLIDWORKS Sell eCommerce Benefits

Offering Customers choice without creating more work

SOLIDWORKS Sell Configurator

Better Customer Experience

Engage your end customers in a new and different way. Allow customers to configure and personalize products on your website. Plug into your shopping cart and create a full engaging digital experience for millions of concurrent users. Allow them to share their designs on social media to help spread your brand.

SOLIDWORKS Sell eCommerce

Digital Catalogue

Update your Brands catalogue offerings with full 360 degree views of your products. Streamline your catalogue by condensing product configurations to one view and allowing customers to choose their specific configurations. Your brick and motor stores can also deploy this solution via a tablet or touchscreen for in-store shoppers.


Better Sales & Marketing

Allows teams (sales, marketing, product design) to show their product designs with all available configurations in a highly visual and interactive manner. Share concepts before building prototypes OR display to customers exactly what they will be buying with all their options fully rendered for them instead of a written product description.

SOLIDWORKS Sell eCommerce Resources

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“What we liked about SOLIDWORKS Sell was that this was the first time that we saw an online configurator that was simple to use.”

— Pia Taveras, Product Engineer, ClearVision Optical

“Now, whoever places the order doesn’t have to go through the hassle of waiting on the phone or a visit from an account person.”

— David Friedfeld, Owner, ClearVision Optical

SOLIDWORKS Services included

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Javelin Support Team

Technical Support

With SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service, you have access to extensive help from our SOLIDWORKS experts. Which will enhance your software investment and guide you through development challenges.

  • Live Technical Support from our certified support team.
  • Remote Support to solve your technical issue right on your machine.
  • Regular Communication of software updates and technical tips and tricks.

Upgrades & Resources

Enjoy the latest version of your software and direct access to a comprehensive library of drawings, parts, assemblies, and features contributed by users around the globe.

  • Automatic Upgrades to the most Up-to-date Version of your SOLIDWORKS software.
  • FREE access to the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal for Macros, Documentation, and the ability to submit Enhancement Requests.
  • Full access to the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base for Articles, Tech Tips, and Best Practices.

Online Training & Certification

A MySolidWorks online account is included with your subscription service where you can get answers, stay current, and sharpen your design skills with online training:

  • MySolidWorks Standard Account includes 600+ online tutorial videos.
  • FREE access to SOLIDWORKS testing and certification to help you become a Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) or Professional (CSWP).

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