Top Ten SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip Videos of 2019

During 2019, our Application Engineers were busy making easy-to-digest, digital content related to some of the top technical questions they get asked on a regular basis. Some of the videos covered the new features in SOLIDWORKS 2019, and some provided tips and tricks; relevant for all designers. Below, is a list of the top 10 technical tip videos of 2019, based on number of views. Yes, we checked it twice:)

Top Ten SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip Videos

# 1 – Benefits of the structure system tool in SOLIDWORKS 2019

For years, SOLIDWORKS has been the industry leader for modelling and detailing complex welded assemblies. SOLIDWORKS 2019’s Structure System helps make your life even more efficient.


# 2 – Why you should use the defeature tool in SOLIDWORKS 2019

Creating a digital twin of your real-life assembly can provide a lot of benefits; including accurate bills of materials, machining instructions, true-to-life simulation results, or stunning renders out of SOLIDWORKS Visualize. However, all of this can result in performance slow downs, this is where SOLIDWORKS 2019 Defeature tool enhancements can make your life easier.


# 3 – Automate file checking with design checker in SOLIDWORKS

Many companies who have a drafting department, also have a “checking” department. The people in this department are tasked with checking each design making sure it follows company standards. Design Checker in SOLIDWORKS can help automate this process, saving you more time and giving you peace of mind.


# 4 – Create high quality renderings in SOLIDWORKS Visualize faster with easy mode 

Do you need to create high quality marketing material to showcase your products, without a physical prototype? If you have an active SOLIDWORKS Subscription and a license of SOLIDWORKS professional or premium, you have access to tools that can make high quality renderings in minutes! See how quickly you can create impressive high quality renderings using easy mode in SOLIDWORKS Visualize.


# 5 – Accelerate product development with eDrawings 

Take a closer look at the number one CAD previewer available today- eDrawings. eDrawings is even more valuable than before since it supports new CAD file formats, viewing different configuration files, web html output and more.


# 6 – Reduce material usage with the optimization module in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

SOLIDWORKS Simulation is a fantastic way to validate our designs before we ever produce an engineering drawing. Reducing weight or material usage in our designs, while not sacrificing structural integrity can be an excellent money-saver, and an upgrade to SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional can do exactly this with its Optimization module.


# 7 – New features in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 

See an overview of the top features in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 – making design validation and product testing easier than ever before.


# 8 – Speed up assemblies using SOLIDWORKS large design review mode 

The SOLIDWORKS Large Design Review mode is essential when working with large assemblies. Models can be opened in a fraction of time for quick review and then load only the components you need to work on.


# 9 – Get past the limitations of 2D drawings with SOLIDWORKS MBD 2019 

SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition (MBD) is a powerful solution that enables designers and manufacturers to create and communicate critical design information via your 3D model, eliminating the need for standard 2D drawings. See the new features in 2019, including sheet metal annotations.


# 10 – SOLIDWORKS design optimization for additive manufacturing 

SOLIDWORKS Simulation can help designers and engineers tackle the most complex parts and geometries, as well as tackle their easy to model prismatic parts into organic shapes best suited to additive manufacturing.


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