The BIG Benefits of Virtual Prototyping with SOLIDWORKS

If your design doesn’t work in the real world, it’s a failure — a basic principle that every good designer understands. It’s also the primary reason physical prototyping has traditionally played an important role in the product development process for manufacturers. Now virtual prototyping tools are available to gain the insight necessary for optimizing your product designs.

Prototyping allows manufacturers to physically test a new design to failure, gain insight into real-word performance and ensure that major design flaws are identified and mitigated before the final product ships. The result has been more reliable products, but unfortunately, the physical “design/build/test” process has also added significant cost and time to the product development cycle.

New virtual prototyping simulation tools are freeing designers from their dependence on costly physical prototypes. Simulation is cutting product development cycles and allowing manufacturers to bring better products to market faster than ever before. And the best news of all? Virtual prototyping is no longer exclusive to large manufacturers with deep pockets.

Download our ‘Step Up To Simulation Guide’ to understand how you can use virtual prototyping tools to gain the insight necessary for optimizing your product designs. Then, read chapters 2-4 to learn how virtual prototyping is paying off for companies that validate while they design and how you can follow suit.

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