How to make your prototypes realistic – but not too realistic!

Learn tested tips for making your 3D printed prototypes more realistic, and an all-purpose framework to communicate HOW realistic your parts need to be, all while keeping in mind the only reason to 3D print anything at all: to make your very next design decision.

This session was part of Javelin Technology’s Virtual Tech Conference held on October 6, 2020.

Realistic 3D Printing with Stratasys

Prototyping for consumer goods often involves a balance between producing multiple design iterations in a short amount of time, yet achieving a high level of realism for each piece. This process has typically limited designers, making multiple iterations expensive and time consuming.

Now, with technology like the Stratasys® PolyJet 3D printers, designers don’t have to choose between creating many prototypes and creating accurate ones.

With the Stratasys J Series: J55J826J835 and J850, a part requiring multiple material types can be finished in one print. And the numerous material options available for PolyJet™ — from flexible to rigid, opaque to transparent — make realistic-feeling prototypes even easier to achieve. Multiple print heads also improve colour realism. With traditional prototyping, options for colouring are limited to laborious processes like hand painting.

Unlike traditional methods of creating realistic models, parts created with the J Series require almost no final touch-ups or finishing steps like sanding or assembly. And because the printer can run around the clock without supervision, the need for active labor is drastically reduced. The Stratasys J850 allows designers to prototype with a single operation — parts with multiple materials or colours only need one fabrication step instead of several, speeding up the production process. This technology makes it economically feasible to create many design iterations before pitching the final product. For designers hoping to see their ideas approved and expanded, this is invaluable.

Shuvom Ghose, Stratasys

Shuvom Ghose, Stratasys

The Presenter: Shuvom Ghose, Stratasys

Shuvom Ghose is a Go-To-Market Engineer for the software arm of Stratasys, the largest manufacturer of 3D printers in the world. Expanding the bounds of additive manufacturing through software, technology, and most importantly — the people.


Stratasys 3D Printers

Stratasys is trusted by global leaders in aerospace and automotive to pioneering medical startups and giants of the tech world.

Learn more about the Stratasys 3D printers featured in this virtual tech conference session.

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