Working with Imported Geometry in SOLIDWORKS

Over the years, designers have dreamed of easily working with CAD data from clients, no matter what system it was created in. This has technically been possible for years but in practice it has not been easy enough.

With SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect it is much easier to utilize imported geometry without having a major hit to the performance of your design. We can also incorporate the changes that get pushed to us from our clients with ease:

SOLIDWORKS Interconnect

SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect is included with SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional and Premium. It delivers groundbreaking capabilities for working with imported geometry both neutral and native CAD data from various sources, unlocking powerful workflows for you to collaborate with customers and vendors. With 3D Interconnect you can:

  • Maintain direct integration of native CAD files from PTC® Creo®, Autodesk® Inventor®, Siemens® NX, Solid Edge®, and CATIA®, and treat them like native components.
  • Avoid fixing errors or problems due to SOLIDWORKS awareness of all components in the native CAD files, like face and edge IDs.
  • Directly open imported files and treat them like Base Parts, so you can freely make design modifications without affecting the native file.
  • Update both part and assembly files as design changes take place with Update Model feature.

SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect is designed for a “mixed CAD” environment:

  • Consultants/Manufacturers working with customers that have a different CAD system
  • Companies that have lingering legacy data
  • Companies looking to switch from one 3D CAD software to SOLIDWORKS
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