Performance of Xact Metal affordable Metal Additive Manufacturing

This presentation reviews an affordable metal 3D printing technology with a focus on mechanical properties of as-printed parts produced on the Xact Metal XM200C 3D printer.

A review of literature will include mechanical properties obtained from other metal powder-bed fusion printers.

The XM200C is a metal printer at an accessible price

By taking the essential additive manufacturing specs for metal powder-bed fusion (commonly known as Selective Laser Melting or Direct Metal Laser Sintering) and combining them with breakthrough technology, the XM200C is able to offer uncompromising quality for users.

The XM200C makes quality metal 3D printing available to universities, labs and small-to-medium businesses that need prototyping and tooling capabilities or are looking for alternatives to low-volume castings.

Metal powder-bed fusion provides high-quality and complex parts. It reduces total cycle time by about 50% and removes the need for wash/debinder and sintering/oven equipment used in bound metal deposition, atomic deposition additive manufacturing or other FDM-like metal 3D printers.

David Jankowski, Xact Metal

David Jankowski

The Presenter: David Jankowski, Xact Metal

David Jankowski is the Commercial Operations Leader at Xact Metal. 3D metal printers from Xact Metal are the ultimate fusion of price and performance, featuring essential Additive Manufacturing requirements combined with breakthrough technology.

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Xact Metal 3D Printers

Metal powder-bed fusion provides high-quality and complex parts.

The XM200C deploys a laser-based powder-bed fusion technology in which a fiber laser selectively melts thin layers of metal powder, one at a time, to create parts directly from a 3D-CAD model.

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