Educational Winner of the 2010 Javelin Green Design Contest – Ryerson University

Article by John Carlan updated April 22, 2010

Ryerson University (Calvin Chan) is the educational winner for the 2010 Javelin Green Design Contest.  Calvin designed the iShower. Nice job Calvin!

iShower the Greenstyle

Product Name: iShower the Greenstyle

Product Function: “iShower the Greenstyle” is a modern reinvention of the showering system. The systems computer is integrated into the faucet controls, allowing unprecedented control over the temperature at which water flows from the tap, thus eliminating needless water being wasted while adjusting for the perfect temperature. A redesigned piping system recirculates the cold water trapped in the pipes until the specified temperature is reached at which point the user can access at the push of a button. This design will eliminate the waste of fresh water entering the piping systems adding to the raw sewage which often overloads the city’s water recycling facilities. The showering companion will also record and remind the user the amount of time they are taking in the showers. Offering suggestions in which will help the users shower in a greener way. The user will enjoy their green lifestyle knowing they made an impact on each use.

How did SolidWorks help: The design process of “iShower the Greenstyle” was greatly improved by SolidWorks by allowing the drawings to come to life through the 3D viewpoints. By seeing the drawings in 3D new green ideas were formulated such as minimalizing material usage. The vast list of materials available through the SolidWorks library allowed the careful consideration of the materials. The SustainabilityXpress also played a big part in improving the green efficiency of our product through viewing the environmental impact of each material chosen. Through the use of the system, more stainless steel were chosen in place of plastic parts for its recyclable attributes.

Product Quality Improvement: Materials were reduced in the process of using Solidworks. Piping lengths were reduced. Usage of more durable materials.

Design Cost Saving: Designs were enhanced whilst materials were reduced. Piping lengths were greatly decreased.

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