PropertyLinksXpress is a FREE SOLIDWORKS Add-in to manage your Drawing Title Block

Article by Rod Mackay updated June 15, 2010


About a year ago we released a FREE SOLIDWORKS Add-in product called PropertyLinksXpress to help our customers organize their custom property data and allow them to easily populate their drawing title blocks. We are now happy to announce that over 1,000 SOLIDWORKS users are now using the product.  Would you like a copy of PropertyLinksXpress?

You can download the FREE SOLIDWORKS Add-in from here:



How can PropertyLinksXpress help you?

Integrated with the SOLIDWORKS PropertyManager you simply type or select values from pre-defined lists to add custom properties/metadata to your models which are carried over to your drawing title block

  • Save time when annotating your drawings by adding data to your models the essential manufacturing information is automatically inserted into a SolidWorks Drawing or a BOM table.
  • Makes it easier to enter properties via the SOLIDWORKS PropertyManager.
  • Automate the entry of properties using default values and drop down lists.
  • Quicker than using traditional methods to add custom properties to your documents.
  • Share a user-defined list of custom property values with your design team.
  • Standardize your property information and achieve consistency with your data input.
  • Adding custom properties to documents with PropertyLinksXpress allows you to work with PDM and MRP systems.
  • It is a NO COST product that is easy to implement.

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