Adding Custom Toolbox Component Sizes

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated July 29, 2010

Custom Toolbox Size

If there is a specific fastener you need but can’t find the size in the default Toolbox, you can modify and add custom sizes.  Open SOLIDWORKS and go to Tools > Options > System Options tab > Hole Wizard/Toolbox.  Then you can click on the ‘Configure’ button to bring up the Toolbox Settings.

1 Configure

Then choose ‘2. Customize Your Hardware’

2 Customize Hardware

[OPTIONAL] You can simply customize the existing Toolbox standards, or if you prefer you have the option of making a copy of an entire standard and rename it so you have a separate customized standard.

4 Copy

5 Paste







Select the Standard, Type and Fastener you wish to customize.  You will need to add data to three areas: Size, Length and Thread Data.

3 Select hardware

SIZE: To add a new size, select ‘Size’ and click the ‘+’ button.  Add the size required (**Note the size information listed below may not be accurate, please verify required sizes before adding**)

6 Add New Size

7 Add New Size

LENGTH: You can add as many lengths as needed.  You can have multiple instances of the same length, but different thread lengths.  The thread length must be equal or less then the overall length.  Select ‘Length’ and click the ‘+’ button to add each length.

8 Length

9 Length

THREAD DATA: In this case, there was thread data available for the 9/16 size.  Search to see if the thread data is available for your size.  If not, again you’ll need to click the ‘+’ button to add the data for your custom size.

10 Thread Data

11 Thread Data

Then you can scroll down in the list on the bottom half and find the sizes you’ve added.  You can see that I’ve added lengths of 0.5″ and 1″.  There are 3 of each size as there are options for Cosmetic, Schematic or Simplified.  These options are available in the “Thread Display” in the Standard Properties above and will apply to all sizes of this particular fastener.  Click Save to update the Toolbox database.

12 Save

Now you can select in your custom size when adding the Toolbox component to an assembly.

Add Toolbox Fastener

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