SRED Time Logging with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM

Article by Eric van Essen created/updated November 10, 2010

I have had many customers looking for better solutions for tracking engineering time. One of the largest contributors to this is the desire to get time stamped and accurate reporting on time logging for SRED tax claims. I have heard of more and more companies being rejected and missing out on the funding they have grown to love simply because they don’t have a good way to capture the information on a day to day basis.

To help out our customers and make sure they are getting the funding they deserve I created a template, data card and search card that can be used to capture the time spent on various activities in Enterprise PDM and report on it in a simple way.

This is the sample template created to help capture the engineering time spent

Thank you to techcentive for helping me create some of the standards to make this successful.

Have a look at this video:

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