3DVIA Composer Exporting Views for reuse in other projects

Article by Rob Greer, CSWP updated April 18, 2011


In Composer it is possible to export and import the views you have created.  To do this:

To Export:

  1. Go to the Views tab and right-click on the view you wish to export.  You can Control-select multiple views.
  2. Choose “Export Views…”
  3. Enter a name for the file to export
  4. Click Save

To Import:

  1. Go to the Views tab in the receiving document and right-click in it
  2. Choose “Import Views…”
  3. Browse to and select the file saved earlier, click Open
  4. The view(s) will appear in the view pane

Export and Import views


If the receiving document doesn’t have actors with the same names (NetGuids), then the new views will be empty and you will need to show the actors manually.  Also, 2D images such as digger views are not exported.

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