EPDM – Testing Connectivity to Archive Server Using the Ping Test

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE created/updated April 18, 2011

In order to troubleshoot Solidworks Enterprise PDM connectivity issue between the Archive Server and client, a simple ping test can be used. The ping test is performed on the client computer.

From inside Widows XP click on “Start”, select run and type in CMD.

In Windows 7 click on “Start” and enter CMD from “Search programs & files” text box.

ping <server name>

for example ping in localhost will return

To increase the effectiveness of the testing Enterprise PDM connections the -t and -l options can be used:

ping <server name> -t -l 1500

the -t option will ping the <server name> continuously until stopped by the user
the -l option defines the packet size to be used in the test.  A normal ping packet is only 8 bytes which is not a good test of actual TCP packets.  A typical TCP packet is usually around 1500.  This number can be increased up to 64000 but this will likely cause fragmentation of the packets.

Press Ctrl-C on your keyboard to stop the ping test.

Any dropped packets resulting in > 0% loss or excessive latency times indicate a problem with the connection between the client and server that needs to be resolved.

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