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Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated September 26, 2011


A big advantage of SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service is the ability to access an extensive SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base available through the Customer Portal.  The knowledge base contains a wealth of SOLIDWORKS technical content about functionality, messages, errors and defects.

  1. To access the knowledge base you will need to create a portal account, browse to  Select “Click here to create an account” to get started.
SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal

SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal

  1. After logging into the customer portal, select the “Knowledge Base” link found in the My Support panel.
SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base

SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base

  1. Now you can type anything into the box and press Search.  You have an option to search in the Knowledge Base, or search throughout
    • As a tip, use keywords to narrow down the search.  If there are hundreds of results, try adding more keywords.
    • When you receive a message dialog box in SolidWorks, try searching for the exact wording.
    • The “Refine the Search” area allows you to filter with Products, Areas and Subareas.  You can also filter by Solutions or SPRs (Software Performance Reports).

Below is an example of how to find instructions for updating a SOLIDWORKS Toolbox database to a new major version.  This is useful for shared toolboxes on servers that are not updated automatically since SOLIDWORKS is not installed.

SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base Example

SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base Example

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