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Article by Erin Elliott updated January 23, 2012


My name is Martyna and I’m the new marketing intern at Javelin. I’ll be blogging every other week – keeping you lovely people updated about what’s going on at Javelin!

A short blurb about me:

I went to school for Early Childhood Education, and got tired of changing diapers and putting kids shoes on (only to have them kick them off). So, I decided to pursue a psych degree. During my second year I thought to myself, ‘hey, I want to open up a business’. So I went to Sheridan to get a general business certificate. After taking some marketing courses during the program I decided that marketing was something I was interested in. I applied for the marketing co-op program and ta-da! Here I am at Javelin for my very first work term!


As the new marketing intern I’ll be helping Javelin reach out to students with the following two main initiatives: 

  • Facebook – the goal is to make the Javelin Facebook page a fun place for engineers – and future engineers- to connect, gain valuable information and share whatever they’re working on.
  • National Engineering Month – Javelin will be a Silver level sponsor for National Engineering Month (March). We’re working on getting connected with students and becoming a valuable resource for them at every stage of their learning process. Javelin will be attending many events as well as hosting our own at the office so stay tuned!

9 Things I learned in 9 days at Javelin

(I’m a fast learner, I know)

  1. If your boss tells you to dress up like a cowboy – he means it
  2. Engineers aren’t dorky (at least not all of them)
  3. Don’t hit the snooze more than 7 times – you’ll be late
  4. Starting something new is scary, but without facing scary things we’d never accomplish anything!
  5. You should work at a place with good a coffee machine – I’m saving like $6 a day by not going to Starbucks – score!
  6. Traffic sucks!
  7. I already appreciate the workplace related jokes on  (check it out it’s hilarious)
  8. Working in a beautifully designed office is great! And can’t forget the little things i.e kudos to the nice smelling lotions in the woman’s washroom and the snack cabinet!
  9. ….seriously why so much traffic?




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Erin Elliott

Erin is an Assistant Marketing Manager at Javelin Technologies, based at the Javelin head office in Oakville, ON.