Adding an Image/Decal to your Model in 3DVIA Composer

Article by Matt Campbell, CSWE, last updated on May 17, 2016

When creating an image of your product for marketing or instruction manuals you will probably want to add your company image to the model (referred to in 3DVIA as actor). Composer will allow you to do this as long as the logo is in Bitmap, Jpeg, Tara or RGB format.

To add the logo (texture) to an actor make sure that texture is set to show in the Properties pane. A texture will stretch itself over the actor, so if you are creating a logo it is a good idea to create a primitive first.  To do this go to Geometry Primitives. For this example I am going to choose Create Square. Make sure your screen is normal to the face you are creating it on.

You will need to play with the Depth and Width settings so that the image looks correct. To get rid of the blue appearance uncheck Blending.

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