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Article by Eric van Essen updated December 18, 2012


Over the last 7 years I have been working with EPDM I have had many clients justify the investment based purely on performance increase. Many clients without a PDM system in place need to work off a shared network drive in order to centralized data for security and backups. It can be tempting at times to save designs locally for weeks at a time to get that local open and save performance off your hard drive. This technique is quickly regrettable however as files get overwritten, duplicated or lost very quickly.

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM is the absolute best solution for this common desire as it gives all the benefits of a coordinated design team but with local open and save performance. It has been tough over the years convincing customers of this real measurable savings so I have created an incredibly boring video to demonstrate exactly what I have been talking about for years. This video features opening a 1000+ part assembly that is ~500mb in size from three possible locations:

1) Network drive – Open Time = 9:19
2) Local drive – Open Time = 1:06 (88% reduction)
3) EPDM Vault – Open Time = 1:19 (86% reduction)

The measurable time benefits of opening files locally or in the EPDM vault are outstanding. In comparison to working off of the network, this video demonstrates that a local drive may result in 88% reduction in open/save time while the EPDM vault may result in a 86% reduction in open/save time. The most important factor I wanted to get across in this video is that opening from the EPDM vault is virtually the same performance as opening from your local hard drive. If precious time is wasted with opening and saving files from a network, I recommend using pack and go to transfer the assembly locally and measure the performance increase.

When translating to measurable savings, I would survey the engineering team to understand how much time they are spending waiting for their computers to open or save their assemblies on a weekly basis and use that number in this calculation:

epdm perf calc


It is also important to note that the impact of poor performance also results in increased frustration from the design team that my have other indirect costs such as a higher employee turn over or reduced moral.  This calculation can easily justify the investment in the EPDM solution and will open the door for a number of other benefits that will also have a positive financial impact on the company.


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