How to manually update SOLIDWORKS Toolbox in a SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE, last updated on February 19, 2018

Before you manually update SOLIDWORKS Toolbox in SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault, first ensure there is a full recent back up of the file vault database and archive.

Next make sure that all the Toolbox parts are not checked out or in use by any currently checked out assemblies. When an existing major version Toolbox is upgraded, Toolbox parts may be need to be moved, any checked out checked out files will not be moved and could result in the update failing.

To Check whether any SOLIDWORKS Toolbox parts are currently checked out:

  • Log into a local vault view as “Admin” and use the search tool to make sure no files are checked out under the Toolbox folder in the vault.
  • To find if any Toolbox parts are used by checked out assemblies, run the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM report “ListAllCheckedOutParentsWithToolboxParts.crp. This report can be downloaded from the SolidWorks Knowledgebase article S-058099. Knowledgebase articles are accessible from the SolidWorks Customer Portal (
  • Check in all assemblies that are listed in the results area of the report.

To manually upgrade Toolbox:

  • Ensure that no one is accessing Toolbox during this process.
  • Log into a vault view as “Admin”
  • Check-out the entire Toolbox folder
  • Browse to <SolidWorks 2012 installation folder, typically “C:\Program Files\ Solidworks Corp\ Solidworks”, and then to “Toolbox\data utilities” right click on “sldtoolboxupdater.exe” as and run as administrator.

  • Click the “Process” button to begin the upgrade. The Database version should match the Update Version when the update is complete.How to manually update SOLIDWORKS Toolbox in a SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault
  • Once the upgrade is complete, start-up SolidWorks and ensure that the correct path for the updated Toolbox is specified in Tools > Options > System Options > Hole Wizard /Toolbox.
  • Check-in the upgraded Toolbox folder

Upgrading the remainder of the client computers:

  • Log in as a user that has at least read permission to the Toolbox folder.
  • Right-click the Toolbox folder and click Get Latest Version to copy all Toolbox files to the local cache.

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