Get your SOLIDWORKS Service Pack The Safe Way!

Article by Chris Briand, CSWE created/updated April 3, 2013

You’ve heard the phrase a million times… “Safety First”. Well, I’m here to tell you that this cliché has just as much truth when attempting to Download SOLIDWORKS Service Pack as anywhere else.

Individual (On This Computer) Option

Individual (On This Computer) Option

One issue that many folks seemingly bump into, is the failure of a SOLIDWORKS upgrade when attempting to use the “Download and Install” option, which is present within the “Individual (On This Computer)” option that presents itself as the default within the SOLIDWORKS installation manager. Most of these failures are due to interruptions in the data and files requested and sent from SOLIDWORKS in order to complete the update process on your system. The interruptions in the data happen for a wide variety of reasons, mainly restrictions on the size, or amount an individual system can download within a network. The use of proxy servers for security purposes also tend to limit the ability of the Installation manager to complete the download and installation consecutively.

Download SOLIDWORKS Service Pack

Summary Screen

We would like to suggest an alternative method for those that find themselves in this position – the use of a second, “Download Only” option. This option may accessed via the “Summary” screen within the installation manager.

Once you have selected the “CHANGE” option, opposite the “Download Options” header, it should take you to the various options to manager the download, prior to the installation.

Download Only Option

Download Only Option

Selecting the Download only option will allow you to download the required files once, then share downloaded files with multiple computers providing you choose the second download option “Files to share with ANY computer”. This option will result in a larger download as it is going to download every file possibly required – as opposed to basing the download size on what you may already have existing on the system.

Of course if you have followed best practice, you have already downloaded a full set of installation files using the “Download Only” option on the very first screen of the installation manager and can now specify that your previously downloaded files be used for the update to SOLIDWORKS.

We hope this provides some users with an alternative to getting your updates downloaded and installed successfully,

Happy Updating!

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