SolidWorks Electrical: 10 Steps to creating a complete Symbol using a BlackBox

Article by Delvin Masilamani updated June 17, 2013


If your moving back and forth wondering how the mysterious BlackBox works to it’s full potential,

I’ve taken the liberty of quickly listing the steps required to create a Blackbox, convert it to a symbol and then associate a part to it.

Here are the steps:

1) Draw the black box 


2) Turn Snap on, add Connection points.

3) Add to Library, Create new symbol> Change – Library, Symbol type, Classification & update Symbol name.

4) Library>Symbol Manager> Search for the created symbol

5) Edit the symbol with Snap On, make sure content begins near origin.

6)  Right click on Attribute on the left & go to Connection point, for each connection select #P_TAG_0. Close the editor & save.
7) Delete the original Blackbox from the sheet. Schematic>Insert Symbols and insert your new symbol
8) Right-click to symbol properties and Manufactured parts& circuits tab>add Manually
9) Add the Part, Manufacturer,Class,Type,Desc. In the circuits, change the Type and label the Terminal numbers.Click OK
10) In the circuits section of Manufacturer part & circuits tab, drag the red circuits to the blue circuits to associate them


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Delvin Masilamani

Delvin is ‎Senior Solutions Expert at Javelin and is based in our Oakville, Ontario office.