SolidWorks Electrical: Setting Up a Title Block & Working Template

Article by Delvin Masilamani updated June 21, 2013


Many of our new users often are not sure where to begin their first time when working with SolidWorks Electrical.

The most obvious of the transition process is to setup your Title Block & Working Template.

I’ve listed a few steps that will help with this setup:

1) Open a new project

2) Import your existing DWG Title block. Go to Library>Title Block Manager> Import DWG



This way you can directly import an existing Title block and begin working.



3) The Project settings can be set under. Go to Project>Configurations>Project Settings

Features such as Language, Fonts, Formulas etc. can be setup at this point.

4) Grid Settings can be set by going to View> Drawing Options> Parameters

5) Once all of this has been set for a blank project,

Close the Template Project

Go to File>Project Manager

Select The Template project from the displayed list in the Project Manager & Save as Template.





6) Exit SW Electrical and now when you open a new project, you should see the option of your recently created Template.

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Delvin Masilamani

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