E3.Series 2014: What’s New?

Article by Delvin Masilamani, last updated on October 14, 2013

Zuken’s E3 Product line has always been a powerful design tool in the Electrical market.

This application boasts of a powerful, flexible and highly customizable solution. They have added useful features to their 2014 product line, let’s take a look at few of them.


E3. Preview Handler: This simple install allows the users to preview projects directly through the windows explorer. It’s also been integrated to work with MS Outlook.

Administrator Control: Now  CAD admin have more flexibility in defining permissions for users so that they are restricted to what kind of changes they can define in the database.

MultiUser Control: Sheet access can be defined for each individual project.

Device Icons: A user can now define Icons and alternative icons in the DBE for Devices. You can define your own icons for representing the different device types in the project.

Highlight: In the 2014 version, we have the ability to highlight groups that share the same attributes or devices in a folder.

Search feature: User has the ability to search for devices in the project from the device list. In large projects this would save a designer ample time during production.

Panel Manufacturing – New Module: Panels created in E3, can now export the drill and mill information to DXF files. This post processed information can now be used directly in Manufacturing.


With so many new features to show, Zuken has managed to keep the product powerful and fast enough to keep their customers happy.

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Delvin Masilamani

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