Rendering the Jack-O-Lantern

Article by Matt Campbell, CSWE updated October 23, 2013


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In this blog I will show how to add a Point Light, light fog, change the scene and then render the Jack-O-Lantern.



The first step is to set up the scene. To do this go to Appearances, Scenes and Decals on the right hand side of your screen and click on Scenes. From here you have three choices; Basic Scenes, Studio Scenes and Presentation Scenes. For this blog I chose to use Pitch Black under Basic Scenes.




With the Scene set the next step is to add our point light.

To add a Point Light go to the display manger (the tab beside your feature Manger Design Tree) then click on the View Scene, Lights and camera button.

Right click on the Lights fold and choose Add Point Light.

add spot light

To make it appear that a candle is glowing inside the Jack-O-Lantern, several settings need to be changed in the Point Light. See screen shot below for the values that were used in my example.


Under the Basic tab click on the Edit Color box and choose a color for the light. White light isn’t realistic. In my example I used an off yellow. Set Ambient and Specularity to zero. For Brightness you can change the value until you are satisfied. I used a value of one.


Point Lights can Snap to geometry, but for this example the light is going to be positioned in the middle of the Jack-O-Lantern. To do this, click on the Light Position box and set X and Z to zero. I set Y to 25mm so that is a little less than half way up my Jack-O-Lantern.


Next click on the PhotoView tab and click the ON in the PhotoView box. Now when the Jack-O-Lantern is rendered the light casts shadows and creates a “Fog”. The fog is simulating the light glowing through, which gives the final Render a more realistic view.  I recommend starting with the settings in the screen shot below and then make changes from there.


The last step is to render the image using PhotoView 360.


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