SolidWorks World 2014: Top 10 Solidworks VAR Awards, by TenLinks

Article by Alin Vargatu, CSWE updated January 27, 2014


The Sunday before the official start of the SolidWorks World was actually a very busy day. The registration booths opened at 7 am and people were already lining up to get their badges, agendas, back packs and T-Shirts.

Most of the users attended the CAD Managers’ Boot Camp for exploring a wide range of topics and issues, enabling them to effectively deploy and manage SolidWorks in order to reduce the total cost of ownership and maximize their company’s investment in the software. A lot of people took advantage of the complimentary SolidWorks Certification Exams also.

In my case, I was involved in workshops dedicated to delivering quality SolidWorks Training. One of the best news I can share with you is the availability of the new training manuals in the electronic format. When you come to our training class next time, you will get both the physical book and the option to load it on your tablet or your computer.

The Partner Pavilion opened in the afternoon. Even though I spent 3 hours visiting various booths, I barely covered one third of them all! The explanation is simple: the products are extremely interesting and the exhibitors are very well prepared and eager to demonstrate the capabilities of their products. I was really impressed with the 3D Printed skis from the Stratasys’ booth.

3D Printed Skis by Stratasys

I also had the chance to see the new Objet500 Connex3 Colour Multi-Material 3D Printer in action. The Objet500 Connex3 is the only 3D Printer that enables colour 3D printing with virtually unlimited combinations of rigid, flexible, and transparent materials as well as digital materials – in a single print run.


Parts printed by the new Objet500 Connex3 Colour Multi-Material 3D Printer

In the evening I went to the SolidWorks World Tweet-up along with fellow SolidWorks Expert Irfan Zardadkhan, and Javelin owners John Carlan and Ted Lee. The great thing about this mini-event is the chance to meet the Who’s Who of the SolidWorks Community. I had the pleasure to meet Anna Wood again (SolidMuse), Deepak Gupta (the most active member of the SolidWorks forums and owner of the Boxer’s CAD-CAM blog), my good friend Lars Christensen (owner of, Richard Doyle (the User Group guy), Bertrand Sicot (CSWP and CEO of SolidWorks) and Roopinder Tara (TenLinks).

With Anna

With Anna



With Deepak

With Irfan and Bertrand

With Irfan and Bertrand

With Roopinder and Lars

With Roopinder and Lars

This year Roopinder and TenLinks started a Top Ten SolidWorks Blogger Award to recognize the valuable contribution of the blogger community.

I am extremely happy to report that the Javelin Blog Authors won 8 out of the 10 awards on the VAR’s section: Irfan, Adam, Andrew, Chris, Jim, Joe, Scott and I. Thanks to all the readers of the Javelin blog who voted for our articles!

8 out of the Top 10 Best SoldiWorks Bloggers

8 out of the Top 10 Best SolidWorks Bloggers

Tomorrow, the show really starts. After the General Session, Irfan and I will deliver our first presentation, followed by a second one in the afternoon. Wish us luck.

More news, tomorrow evening. Good night for now!

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