Canadian Colleges Sweep Stratasys Extreme Redesign Awards

Article by Rod Mackay updated April 11, 2014


Stratasys recently held their annual Extreme Redesign Challenge where students competed from Middle and High Schools, Colleges and Art & Architecture schools of all grades.  Of the ten prizes awarded worldwide four of these went to Canadian students.  In fact Canadians took all three College awards.  For a full list of contest details and all the winners check out Stratasys’ Extreme Redesign Webpage.

Having worked with college students and professors all across the country I am not surprised.  Canadian colleges and universities are producing very bright graduates who have the potential to do great things.

The 1st place prize in the College category went to Andreas Zailo and Nathan Pacholko of Summerland, BC from Okanagan College – Kelowna who designed Rabidus Arachnid a mechanical spider.  You can see the spider in action in this video:

Second and third place in this category was awarded to two different teams both from Ryerson University in Toronto.  Eddy Kwok and Lily Huang designed an improvement to backpacks making them easier and safer for children.  Tiffany Tse and Kate Gonashvili combined the functionality of a crutch and cane to make one device that is more effective.

Just as impressive is Marco Angione from Catholic Central High School in Windsor.  Marco won first place in the Middle/High School division with his socket gun attachment that would let mechanics remove multiple bolts at the same time.

With bright minds like this the future looks bright for Canada and the engineering community.  Thanks to Stratasys for holding this event and recognizing excellence in our young engineers and designers.

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