MySolidWorks Professional will help you to become a Certified SOLIDWORKS User

Article by Rod Mackay updated July 30, 2015


Standing out amongst the multitude of SOLIDWORKS users can be a challenge. Gaining a SOLIDWORKS Certification can help you get a job, keep a job, or possibly move up in your current job. Watch the video below to find out how these SOLIDWORKS Users benefited from achieving some of the highest levels of SOLIDWORKS Certification possible:

How does MySolidWorks Professional help?

MySolidWorks is an online tool to get answers to your questions about SOLIDWORKS, allowing you to stay current and sharpen your design skills. There are three MySolidWorks Account Plans to choose from, MySolidWorks Professional is the top tiered plan which you will need to help you achieve a SOLIDWORKS certification.

MySolidWorks Professional will help you to become a Certified SOLIDWORKS User by providing:

  1. Online training with up to 100+ hours, allowing you to expand your SOLIDWORKS knowledge on your own schedule and pace. Topics include: Basic Skills, Part Modeling, Assembly Modeling, Electrical Design, Sheet Metal Design, Mold Design, and more.
  2. Access to SOLIDWORKS certification preparation courses including Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate CSWACSWPA-Drawing ToolsCSWPA-Sheet MetalCSWPA-WeldmentsCSWPA-SurfacingCSWPA-Mold Tools. Plus preparation for the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional CSWP exam, and the Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert CSWE.

Certification and Courses for Certified SOLIDWORKS User Training

A MySolidWorks Professional course, such as the CSWPA-Drawing Tools Prep Course, includes lessons to help you understand the areas of SOLIDWORKS software that you must review prior to taking the exam. For instance with this drawing course you will learn about drawing views, dimensions, annotations, BOMs, other tables, and additional topics for the Drawing Tools exam. The course also includes questions from a sample exam.

Armed with the skills and knowledge of the types of questions you’ll be required to answer, you will then be more prepared to take a certification exam.

Become a Certified SOLIDWORKS User with MySolidWorks Professional

Certification Prep Course in MySolidWorks Professional

Now if you feel you need more knowledge and skills you can always take a live online training course from us. Learn more about Javelin Online Live Training.

Free Certification Exam for Subscription Service Customers

Once you have the training and preparation, you then need to purchase an exam from DS SOLIDWORKS. But if your company is on SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service, you are eligible to redeem coupons for free SOLIDWORKS Certification exams.

Subscription Services for Certification Benefits:

  • Coupons allow each user at the company to purchase the applicable exam(s) for free.
  • Each coupon can be redeemed once by each user from the eligible company.
  • Coupons are posted twice a year – January 1st and July 1st of each calendar year.

To obtain the free coupons, you will need a SOLIDWORKS ID registered with a SOLIDWORKS license on active subscription services. (Note: The SOLIDWORKS ID may differ from your SOLIDWORKS Certification Center login.)

Click here to get the certification exam coupons. Then be prepared to login with your SOLIDWORKS ID.  You will find coupons for the CSWA – OR – CSWP exam. Once you get the coupons, you can then use them at the SOLIDWORKS web store upon checkout.

Recent customer comment for Certification using MySolidWorks: has been an indispensable tool for us since its inception.  We currently use it for all staff, including myself.  It’s a great incentive for our employees to advance their knowledge on their own time.  Once each employee is done the Associate Exam Prep course, they may take the Solidworks Certified Associate exam.  Once they’re done with that, they move on to the Professional Exam Prep Course, and so on.  They get trained and certified all in one go.  It really is a win-win situation.

— Chris Volkening, Automated Design Works

Get Started with MySolidWorks

MySolidWorks is easy to try, just go to To get the standard version simply log in with your SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service ID. And to access more than 100 hours of learning and the certification prep courses you can upgrade to the Professional version of MySolidWorks.

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