SOLIDWORKS MBD 2016 Improves Communication with Manufacturing [VIDEO]

Article by Rod Mackay updated September 25, 2015


SOLIDWORKS MBD 2016 (Model Based Definition) is an integrated drawingless manufacturing solution for SOLIDWORKS. It helps companies define, organize, and publish 3D product and manufacturing information (PMI), such as dimensions and tolerances, along with 3D model data into industry-standard file formats. Unlike traditional 2D drawings, SOLIDWORKS MBD 2016 guides the manufacturing process directly in 3D, which streamlines production, cuts cycle time, reduces errors, and helps compliance with industry standards. SOLIDWORKS MBD 2016 is a separately purchased add-on product for SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional, or Premium versions.

Watch the short video below to check out the latest enhancements for the 2016 version:

SOLIDWORKS MBD 2016 puts data within the SOLIDWORKS 3D environment, such as product models, dimensions, geometric tolerances, surface finishes, welding symbols, BOMs, callouts, tables, notes, meta properties, and other annotations. Because all the information needed to guide the operation is integrated with the 3D models, traditional 2D drawings are no longer needed. The intuitive, interactive 3D PMI from SOLIDWORKS MBD serves multiple operational uses and helps groups across the operation, such as design, procurement, fabrication, assembly, quality, sales, marketing, clients, and suppliers.

Present 3D data in a clean and structured fashion

Beyond 3D PMI definition, SOLIDWORKS MBD helps organize rich data into clean, structured 3D presentations with different views and display settings. It can even intelligently show and hide 3D annotations while you are rotating the model to give you extra clarity while still including critical-to-function annotations.



Output and distribute 3D data to an existing process

SOLIDWORKS MBD publishes widely accepted file formats, such as eDrawings and 3D PDF files that are often used in existing processes. eDrawings files can be opened in a free eDrawings Viewer. 3D PDF can be viewed using a variety of free tools including Adobe® Reader. In addition to providing associative information (such as engineering notes, BOM, and rich meta properties), you can also explore the model in 3D with Pan, Zoom, Rotate, Measure, Section, and other 3D tools.




Would SOLIDWORKS MBD help your production and manufacturing process? Answer the following three questions…

  1. What’s your current product development process?
  2. How do you communicate your designs and products with the manufacturing team, service team, suppliers, dealers, and customers?
  3. If a 2D drawing doesn’t match its 3D model, which one do you take as the authority?

If you are not happy with your answers or confident with the solutions you have right now then you should talk to us about giving SOLIDWORKS MBD a try.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS 2016

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