SOLIDWORKS CAD Admin Dashboard

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE created/updated January 22, 2016

Starting in 2013 SOLIDWORKS added a new section to the Customer Portal, the CAD Admin Dashboard.

Customer Portal CAD Admin Dashboard

SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal

Features and Benefits

The CAD Admin Dashboard uses information gathered from the SOLIDWORKS Customer Experience Improvement Program to provide snapshots of system information and SOLIDWORKS settings in an easy to interpret Dashboard.

When a SOLIDWORKS serial number is registered to a Customer Portal account, any computers that have installed SOLIDWORKS using that serial number AND who have selected the option to participate in the SOLIDWORKS Customer Experience Improvement Program.

The information gathered can help CAD Administrators to manage multiple SOLIDWORKS installations and monitor for potential issues such as video card driver incompatibility or inconsistent user settings.

CAD Admin Dashboard

CAD Admin Dashboard

The latest version of the CAD Admin Dashboard

SOLIDWORKS has made many improvements to the CAD Admin Dashboard since it’s release.  It is now possible to:

  • Display installations based on the release,
  • Manage groups of client installations and
  • Delete old entries for systems no longer in use.

For SOLIDWORKS Network serial numbers, just the single serial number will need to be registered to the CAD Administrator’s Customer Portal Account.  If you have multiple Standalone serial numbers, each will need to be registered to the account.  The steps described here can be used to register the serial numbers.

If, after registering all serial numbers, not all systems are displaying in the CAD Admin Dashboard, verify that each system is enrolled in the Customer Experience Improvement Program as described here.

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