How to stop Windows from updating your SOLIDWORKS certified video card driver!

Article by Chris Briand, CSWE updated April 13, 2016


It is a story we hear time and again from customers: They take the time and effort to download the correct certified driver for SOLIDWORKS from the SOLIDWORKS certified list, only to have a Windows update come along and displace that driver with the “Latest & Greatest”, which in many cases, turns out to be not so great!

We can prevent the Windows operating system (Windows 7 & Windows 10) from automatically updating your drivers with the “Latest & Greatest” by following the simple series of steps below:

  1. Open the system properties dialog

    Computer Properties

    Computer Properties

  2. Choose the “Advanced System Settings” Link in the left Panel.

    stop solidworks video card updates

    Advanced System Properties

  3. On the “Hardware” tab of the Advanced System Properties dialog, select the “Device Installation Settings” button.

    Advanced Property Dialog

    Advanced Property Dialog

  4. Within the Device Installation Settings dialog, choose the following options:
  • “No, let me choose what to do”
  • “Never install driver software from Windows Update”

    Device Installation Settings

    Device Installation Settings

Please keep in mind that this will not prevent other update utilities from potentially affecting your driver settings – many hardware companies have their own applications that run on startup of the operating system that check for the latest updates and automatically download and update your hardware with the latest drivers available.

Making these selections will require you to undertake regular checks for updates of the other hardware on your system, as Windows will no longer be doing so automatically.

This is only one step toward exercising full control over your system and preventing any unwanted changes that may cause SOLIDWORKS  downtime.

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