What are the SOLIDWORKS PDM options for managing archive server disk space?

Article by Justin Williams updated May 24, 2016


Managing archive server disk space

There are a few built in options provided by SOLIDWORKS PDM for managing archive server disk space and reducing folder size used:

  • Cleanup – Remove deleted files
    • Deleted files and folders are not available from the vault but still exist within the archive.  To completely remove a file or folder it must be Destroyed.  You can destroy files through the folder properties deleted items tab: If you have access rights, you can destroy (permanently remove) files in this list – Right-click and select Destroy.
  • Distribute the archive across multiple drives
    • More on this can be found here
  • Activate vault compression
    • By default, all file versions in an archive are stored uncompressed on the archive server. Enabling compression on all file versions older than the most recent version can save some space within the archive. Note: The most recent version is always stored uncompressed for optimal performance during transfers between client and server.  To enable archive server compression see Chapter 3 – Archive Compression and Cleanup in the administration guide.
  • Cold Storage: With a cold storage schema you can move (to secondary storage) or delete obsolete versions
    • For more information and a step by step guide to setting up a cold storage schema see: Chapter 3 – Cold Storage Schemas in the administration guide.

What is the recommended order of execution?

The sequence below is recommend by SOLIDWORKS as the logical order of execution for good system maintenance:

  1. Run daily file backups across all servers of the file vault archives
    • More information can be found here
  2. Run MS SQL Database backups of the vault databases
    • More information can be found here
  3. Backup the archive server settings and logins
  4. Run Cold Storage schemas to move obsolete file versions to secondary storage
  5. Run Compression the service to reduce the file size of older file versions
  6. Run Replication to synchronize the archives
  7. Run the cleanup procedure of each archive vault to remove orphaned files

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