This Summer automate your Swimming Pool Design & Manufacturing Process with Pool Pattern Pro software

Article by Erin Elliott updated May 31, 2016


The summer season is nearly here and as a custom vinyl swimming pool manufacturer how are you going to stay ahead of the tidal wave of orders your business is likely to receive?! This is where Javelin’s Pool Pattern Pro software will help you to automate your pool manufacturing process.

Pool orders tidal wave

Coping with pool orders

What is Pool Pattern Pro?

Pool Pattern Pro is a software solution designed specifically for the vinyl pool industry. It allows manufactures to automate the design and development of vinyl pools and covers to dramatically reduce the time and costs required to go from design to cutting table.

Pool Pattern Pro provides a fast and simple workflow to move from specifying design parameters to flattening, nesting, and finally sending a job to the shop floor. Within 30 — 60 days of implementation our customers typically see a 30% — 50% increase in productivity and profitability.

automate pool manufacturing process

Pool Pattern Pro software

Three Reasons why you need Pool Pattern Pro

Pool Pattern Pro will enable you to overcome the common challenges that vinyl pool and cover manufacturers face every summer:

  1. Reduce Repetitive Tasks: 60-80% of your designs typically require only small changes to standard pool models, yet new drawings must be created for every project, increasing your design costs. With Pool Pattern Pro software you can minimize the need for repetitive design work and reduce your costs.
  2. Remove Your Risk of Error: Without a completely integrated system the need to transfer files from one software program to another means that quality checks are required to minimize the risk of errors, increasing your design and production costs. Pool Pattern Pro provides a complete system so you can move from design to cutter in the same system.
  3. Manage Your Seasonal Demand: Fluctuations in seasonal demand make it challenging to manage resources. Pool Pattern Pro automation features allow you to free up resources for the increase in work during the summer.

How does it automate the pool manufacturing process?

Pool Pattern Pro provides a simple three stage process to go from design to production.

PoolWorks in use

Pool Pattern Pro software in use

Design Stage

Easily create your Pool or Cover design in 2D or 3D from a library of templates (grecian, kidney, etc.). Rather than develop a new drawing for every project, simply use a standard template, enter the customer dimensions and produce your design in minutes. Pool Pattern Pro provides multiple data import and entry methods that are editable at any time. Import methods include Tri file import, Pool Measure Pro file Import, or manually enter the points.

Pattern Stage

Pool Pattern Pro flattens your design and processes each pattern piece for automatic placement with manual orientation optimization; allowing you to manipulate patterns on your ‘virtual table’ to visualize the cut file for the addition of any notches and welding overlaps which are then printed onto the pattern pieces for faster production. Pool Pattern Pro automation reduces the time required for high-volume, manual steps to just minutes.

Production Stage

Nesting is integrated with your Pool Pattern Pro design and pattern work, nesting can run in the background and export directly to your existing cutter. Plus if you make a change in your design or in your patterns your markers and nests update automatically — no more trafficking files between different software programs, no more errors from implementing changes, and no more lost time. Finally export your nested pattern directly to your existing automated cutting machine, such an an Eastman conveyor system.

See Pool Pattern Pro software in action


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