Become a SOLIDWORKS Expert for less with a 68% discount from a Training Passport!

Article by Rod Mackay updated May 21, 2016


SOLIDWORKS Training Passport

To help new and existing SOLIDWORKS users become experts we are now offering a Javelin Training Passport to provide you with all the training you need at a very special price. The Passport includes 10 SOLIDWORKS courses, totaling 21 days of training, which you can take over the period of a full year. The best thing about the passport is the discount equates to a 68% saving on the regular cost of taking the courses individually.

The 10 courses include the SOLIDWORKS Essentials and using PDM, along with advanced Part, Assemblies, and Drawing courses. Also two task specific courses for Sheet metal and Weldments. A more advanced Surfacing and Update course, plus our latest SOLIDWORKS Visualize training. Which will literally give you all the skills to become an expert user.

Yes, 21 days is a big commitment, but you have a whole year to take the training, plus courses can be taken online as half days if you find you are too busy to spend entire days away from the office.

Javelin Training Advantage

Since 1997 Javelin has been delivering SOLIDWORKS training to thousands of North American Engineers and Designers just like you! Here are a few advantages of learning with Javelin:

  • Convenient Locations: Classes can be taken in one of our 12 training locations across Canada using SOLIDWORKS approved training content and methodologies that incorporate hands-on exercises. Training locations include: Oakville ON., Markham ON., Ottawa ON., Kitchener ON., London ON., Windsor ON., Vancouver BC., Calgary AB., Edmonton AB., Regina SK., Winnipeg MB., and Dartmouth NS.
  • Certified Instructors: SOLIDWORKS Certified Instructors deliver best-in-class training courses imparting the knowledge you need to enhance your productivity.
  • Choice of In-class or Online Courses: you are able to attend live training online with the same learning experience as classroom training, for instance you can ask questions, get immediate answers from the instructor, and learn hands-on with SOLIDWORKS exercise files.

Note: We can ONLY deliver training to users located In North America. Located outside North America? Click to find a training provider near you

Choice of Classroom or Online Training

Choice of Classroom or Online Training

SOLIDWORKS Training Passport Courses

The passport includes 10 individual courses designed to give you a broad range of skills with SOLIDWORKS including drawings and rendering:

Course included with a Javelin Passport Duration
SOLIDWORKS Essentials* 4 days
SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modeling* 2 days
SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling* 3 days
SOLIDWORKS Drawings* 2 days
SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal 2 days
SOLIDWORKS Weldments 1 day
SOLIDWORKS Surfacing 2 days
SOLIDWORKS Advanced Update 2 days
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Rendering 2 days

*Recommended training for CSWP preparation
**Available as live online only

SOLIDWORKS Training Passport FAQs

If you have a question about the training passport, we may of answered it below, if not then please contact us.

How do I register for a class after I have purchased a passport?

To select the course you to wish to attend visit the Javelin on-line schedule at Email with your scheduling request.

As a Passport owner do I have higher priority in getting into a class than a student who does not have one?

Passport owners will only be eligible to enroll in classes that have available space. In the case of full classes, participants in this program will be given highest priority on the waiting list. Spaces may become available in the event of cancellations.

Which training facilities can I attend using the Annual Training Passport?

Passport owners can attend in regularly scheduled open-enrolment courses offered in any of our regularly scheduled cities or over Javelin Online Live Training. Please note some classes may only be available at specific locations. Some advanced topic courses may only run once or twice a year in some areas. Travel may be required.

I am in class this week and I just found out about the Annual Training Passport. Can I use the funds that I paid for the class towards the passport and pay the difference?

Yes, your training can be upgraded to a Passport. Contact the Training Department or your Account Manager for options.

My previous employer purchased a passport for me. Can I continue to use the passport under my new organization?

No. Passports can only be used under the organization that purchased them.

I want to attend a JOLT (Javelin Online Live Training) class, can this be done?

Yes. JOLT training is included.

Interested in purchasing a SOLIDWORKS Training Passport?

Contact us to get a quote and answers to any questions we have not covered in the FAQs above.

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