Setting Up an Automatic Login for SOLIDWORKS PDM

Article by Justin Williams updated August 16, 2016


SOLIDWORKS PDM has the ability for administrators to enable automatic login for users, simplifying the process for users accessing the vault.

Depending on which type of login used, here are the steps to enable automatic login;


Start the Administration Tool and pick Local Settings >  Settings as shown below

SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration Tool

SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration Tool

Within the Settings Dialog set the Vault you’d like users to automatically log into;

Settings - Select Vault

Settings – Select Vault

Then check the box ‘Use automatic login for this vault‘;

SOLIDWORKS PDM Automatic Login

Settings – Use Automatic Login

Input the Login details for the account you’d like to use;

Settings - Login Info

Settings – Login Info

To complete the setup select ‘Ok

As a result; the user will now automatically be logged into the vault.

Note:  These settings are specific to the machine it was configured on

Windows Login

To enable an automatic Windows logon requires configuration on the server:

Start the Archive Server Configuration Tool > Tools > Default Settings;

Archive Server Config Tool - Tools - Default Settings

Archive Server Config Tool – Tools – Default Settings

Within the ‘Default Settings‘ dialog check the ‘Automatic Login‘ box;

Default Settings - Automatic Login

Default Settings – Automatic Login

To complete, select ‘Ok

As a result; this will change will update all clients to automatically login using their Windows credentials.

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