Happy National 3D Printing Day! A Look Back at 3D Printing in 2016

Article by Dan Gamsby updated December 3, 2016


2016 has been a great year for 3D Printing. A lot has happened in 2016 and given that December 3rd is National 3D Printing Day, I want to take a moment to highlight some of Javelin’s top 3D Printing moments from this great year.

In the past year, Javelin’s 3D Printing team has focused on a wide range of industries and has seen significant growth in the Architecture, Automotive and Medical industries, to name a few. Javelin also helped an Olympian and a Paralympian prepare for the Rio 2016 games.


Going for Gold

This year we sponsored some truly incredible athletes competing in both the Olympic and Paralympic games. Our idea was to support two javelin athletes in a way that only we know how. We ended up designing and 3D Printing crucial components for their life on the road and according to them, made a huge impact on their preparations for the games. Learn more about the very exciting projects we teamed up on here.

Liz Gleadle Technique

Pam Lejean

Automotive Industry

As the Canadian dollar fell, the automotive industry heated up and it has pounced all over 3D Printing. Our solutions have helped several automotive companies across Canada cut costs, reduce lead times, and drive innovation. We held two great automotive webinars which featured 3D Printing experts who discussed how to push Canadian firms towards additive manufacturing. We also hosted several events across Canada that discussed 3D Printing in the automotive industry. The Javelin 3D Printing team is looking forward to further developing our expertise in the automotive sector in 2017.

national 3d printing day

3D Printing in Architecture

We have always been firm believers that the architectural industry is an ideal candidate for 3D Printing. We worked with numerous firms in various areas of the industry and our predictions were bang on. The time to market and design freedom that 3D Printing brings to architects has proven to be extremely powerful. Our case study on customer B & H Architects highlights the benefits of bringing 3D Printing in-house. It took their team less than one week to be up and running with their new Dimension 1200es. Looking back, it doesn’t surprise me that it only took a week for their team to become experts, but it impressed me at how their team shifted their ideals from outsourcing to printing internally so quickly.

national 3d printing day

Stratasys J750

With the launch of the Stratasys J750, there has been a huge surge in the medical 3D Printing market. Surgeons, researchers, and schools alike are able to push the envelope with this truly incredible technology. It still shocks me at how real the parts are coming off the machine. The J750 is a game changer with regards to the medical field and as newer, more industry specific materials are released, the J750 will really spread its wings and separate from the rest of the printers out there. The way I see it, the J750 is like a sports car that is waiting for the upgrades it needs to take it from sports car to super-car status. As new materials become available this machine will continue to change the world.

national 3d printing day

We saw a lot happen in 2016 that has made me more passionate and excited about my job and this industry than ever before. Stay tuned for a fast paced and industry-changing 2017!

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