A big thank you to the SOLIDWORKS Visualize Community at SOLIDWORKS World

Article by Scott Ellery updated February 14, 2017


Last week we had the pleasure of interacting with SOLIDWORKS users in Los Angeles, CA., at the SOLIDWORKS World convention.  This year was packed full of informative and impressive sessions that really excite the inner engineering geek in me; and invigorates the passion that so many designers and engineers have for the great SOLIDWORKS Innovation Platform.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Breakout Session

My colleague Alen Topic and I were lucky enough to present at the event this year on one of our favorite new additions to the SOLIDWORKS lineup, SOLIDWORKS Visualize, and wanted to give a big thank you to everyone that attended to make this a fun and creative session.

Users of All skill levels cam out for the Event

Users of all skill levels came out for the Event

We had users of all types, from experienced to brand new, witness how easy and powerful SOLIDWORKS Visualize can be and had a lot of fun in the process.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Community

Unleashing Your Renders SOLIDWORKS Visualize Session

Users were able to make a very high quality render (shown in the figure below), in a very short period of time with everything being done in SOLIDWORKS Visualize without the need for post processing programs.

Our SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Project

Our SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Project

We were able to show off a lot of the new capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Visualize as well and how easy they are to use. Features we demonstrated included cutting planes, part transparency, and importing motion studies for super easy and impressive animations straight from SOLIDWORKS!

SOLIDWORKS Motion Animation Example

The video below is an example of how we can take a force like gravity which can be incredibly difficult to keyframe for animation and export it from SOLIDWORKS in a couple clicks to easily create an advanced animation.

SOLIDWORKS World 2017 was a blast and both Alen and myself, we had so much fun interacting with the SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Visualize community, we cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store and see everyone again next year.

Learn SOLIDWORKS Visualize

If you were not able to make it to our breakout session at SOLIDWORKS World this year you can still learn how to create renderings by attending our SOLIDWORKS Visualize training course either live online or in a Canadian classroom near you.

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Scott Ellery is a CSWE and an avid contributor to the SOLIDWORKS Community, He is a ten time SOLIDWORKS World\3DExperience World Presenter and contributes regularly to SWUG meetings organized by four different user groups in Canada, Scott has worked with many CAD Software packages for over a decade in a multitude of different industries including Steel Fabrication, Injection Molding and Sheetmetal. With a background in Mechanical Engineering Technology and Design, Scott enjoys pushing SolidWorks to it's limits and teaching users to be as fast and efficient with SolidWorks as humanly possible.