Installing SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard 2017 (and subsequent releases)

Article by Sanja Srzic updated March 14, 2017


The SOLIDWORKS Visualize product was added to the SOLIDWORKS group of products in 2016 as a high-level rendering tool.  SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard is available to users of SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium licenses with a valid SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service contract.  Initially, in the 2016 version, a separate installation file set was required to install SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard and the serial number of SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium license was used to activate it.

From version 2017 onward, SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard has a separate serial number and is installed using the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.

Retrieving a Serial Number for SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard

Visualize serial number can be found in the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal > My Products, under a SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium license.

SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal options

SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal options


SOLIDWORKS Visualize Serial Number

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Serial Number

SOLIDWORKS users without Customer Portal access can create one using the serial number of their SOLIDWORKS license:

The serial number of a SOLIDWORKS license is found in Help > About SOLIDWORKS.


Customer Portal option Register My Products can be used to unlock Customer Portal features if they appear locked.

SOLIDWORKS Value Added Resellers (VARs) can also provide SOLIDWORKS Visualize serial numbers.

Installing SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2017

Starting with the version 2017, Visualize products are installed using the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager, which can be downloaded from the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal > Download > Downloads and Updates.

Whether creating an individual installation, administrative image, or downloading a complete installation file set, click Next to get to the dialog where serial numbers for various SOLIDWORKS products are entered.  Select SOLIDWORKS Visualize, enter its serial number and proceed with Next.  A separate field is provided for entering the Visualize Boost license.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize in the Installation Manager

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Serial Number in the Installation Manager

In the Product Selection dialog, enable SOLIDWORKS Visualize and proceed with the installation.

SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager Product Selection

SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager Product Selection

Launching SOLIDWORKS Visualize

SOLIDWORKS Visualize is launched as a standalone application, from the Start menu or clicking on the icon on the desktop.

How to learn SOLIDWORKS Visualize

If you are looking for a comprehensive live instructor-led course then you can take our SOLIDWORKS Visualize rendering course either live online or in a Canadian classroom near you.

If you need a quick self-paced course then you can try the SOLIDWORKS Visualize tutorials on MySolidWorks.

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