How do I create a SOLIDWORKS ID / Customer Portal Account?

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated August 17, 2017


After a customer purchases a license of SOLIDWORKS quite often the first question they ask is “How do I create SOLIDWORKS ID?”. The SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal provides customers, who have an active subscription service contract, access to a number of SOLIDWORKS tools conveniently located in one place, 24 hour x 7 days a week.

Follow these steps to create SOLIDWORKS ID:-

  1. Go to . Click on Create a SOLIDWORKS ID.


2.  Now enter your email address and Serial Number. It doesn’t matter if you enter a standalone license or Network license serial number if your company has multiple licenses.

If you have multiple SOLIDWORKS users at your company and you only have one serial number you should have no issues creating multiple accounts using the same serial number.

Enter email address and serial number

Enter email address and serial number

3. Clicking Next, You will be shown your company information, if you used your work email address in the previous step. If the company information displayed is accurate, click yes and finish the process.

Account record

Account record

4. Your Customer Portal account will be created.To know more about what abilities Customer Portal account provides to SOLIDWORKS users please review our post: Accessing the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal

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