Simplifying the Management of Complex Projects with Aras Innovator

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Article provided by Aras, last updated on June 13, 2019

Managing new product development projects and programs is complex and comes with many challenges. Aras Product Lifecycle Management simplifies product development by enabling organizations to link new product development with engineer-to-order processes.

By connecting deliverables to project tasks, project management improves completion status and control exponentially. As a result, organizations achieve greater success through the combination of proven project-management, approaches, stage-gate methods and comprehensive risk management.

With features like Gantt charts, project collaboration workspaces and project templates based on PMI principles, as well as forward, backward and milestone scheduling, interactive dashboards and intuitive user friendly score cards product lifecycle management becomes more powerful than ever before.

Project Management

Powering your Project Management

With the use of Aras Project Management comes a variety of resulting benefits. First the managing of tasks and deliverables within a single environment results in a simplified process and an overall improvement in adoption. Another added benefit is due to an enhanced schedule visibility. This allows for optimization of the use of resources, consequently leading to a reduction in project costs and an increase in profit margins. Finally, there is an improved process for task accountability. This ability can shorten product development cycles and assist in the management and mitigation of risk.

In the video below, you will see a brief demonstration of the key features of Aras Project Management and how they work together to increase productivity, ensure consistency and enhance efficiency. Built on the same platform as PLM, Project Management supports secure collaboration within your PLM environment.

In the demonstration you will also see highlights on key information such as critical path and the calculation of phase percent complete, the ability to use markups and comments using Aras Visual Collaboration, project automation and more.

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